Yes on Amendment 4

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Letter to the editor by Erving H. Raymond

By The Staff

Let’s look at a proposal of a rock quarry by Counts Construction in Irvine, Marion County. Two hundred to 300 people from the area came out to protest this. The commissioner for this district excluded himself from the final vote. Was this so he did not have to listen to citizens’ interest or was it for petroleum interests with the construction company? The proposal was passed and went to Tallahassee.

Proposals of industrial parks all along I-75 from 326 to 484, and more, like Shady Oaks. Just imagine the trailer trucks on the roads and exits. A truck fire at one exit tied up traffic for hours.

What about the airport property?

Look at all the new subdivisions being made out of farmland. There are subdivisions all through Marion County that have never been half built out. There are new ones being sold that just started. There are areas overbuilt, like Heathbrook.

The people need a say in matters that affect their area, not commissioners with their own interests. Realtors and the Chamber of Commerce would like you to vote “no” for their interests. With FEMA zoning, think of the water aquifer and your backyard when these proposals come up.

Vote “yes” for the interests in you area. Vote “yes” on Amendment 4. Things will never be the same, but they don’t have to get worse.

Erving H. Raymond