As the world turns - faster and faster

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By The Staff

Count them. There are 365 days in a year. Every four years we get another day for good measure. Each day has 24 hours. Each hour is made up of 60 minutes. Day in and day out, we all have 1,440 minutes a day to call our own, to do with them what we want to do – well sort of.

Getting some shut-eye is always essential. So we lay down our little heads to sleep. A good night’s sleep takes eight hours, so say medical experts, scientists and moms.

Snoozing for 480 minutes, that’s eight hours, still leaves us with 960 minutes a day. Wow, that’s still a big number. It seems like with 960 minutes a day we could take up basket weaving as a hobby, call or e-mail our friends and organize last year’s vacation photos.

Oops that four-letter word “work” gets in the way. Retirement is beckoning but many of us have to make a living for now. So off to work we go for a minimum of another 480 minutes in that 24-hour timeframe.

Yikes, that drops us down 480 minutes left in our day. Do we dare call those minutes ours? Our time to take up whittling, reading, talking about our politicians or whatever else our little heart’s desire.

Most likely those 480 minutes are eaten away by fixing and eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, driving to and from work, perhaps some exercise for those so inclined, a load of laundry, a little straightening up around the home and numerous glances at the clock.

Those glances at the clock are bound to inspire the question, “Where does the time go?”

Birthdays, the first day of another month and holidays have a tendency to make one wonder the same thing.

Thank goodness for the weekend. Those two days away from the paying job give us back 480 minutes each day.

Nine hundred and sixty minutes sounds like we should have lots of time on our hands. Then we get involved in doing the things we need to do and the time flies away. Somehow those minutes were used as we tackled a project, golfed, read, grocery shopped, cooked a good meal or gotten out of Dodge.

Years ago, a joke floated around about a little boy who threw a clock out a window because he wanted to see time fly. As we get older we don’t have to throw any clocks out windows, we know how quickly time flies.

We’ve learned to appreciate the value of time and how to find the time to do the things we need to do.

Tomorrow, the sun will come again and as we wake up, we find another 960 minutes of our own.

Seize those minutes, share them wisely and keep some for yourself. Don’t worry about next month or next week, live in the moment before it ticks away.