Will there be peace in Gaza before Jan. 20?

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By The Staff

Our ally Israel is dependent on American aid. What if we threatened them with the cancellation of aid if they don’t do what we want? Is that a possibility? Would they withdraw from Gaza and work toward a peace agreement?

Will Israel then, after not being chastised for its highly suspect excuse to attack the Palestinians in Gaza become the stalking horse that makes it possible for America to come to her aid? Will Israel become the vehicle for another war – a war with a country four or five times larger than an Iraq that we cannot manage?

Jan. 20 cannot come soon enough. It won’t be the first excuse used to go to war. But again it will be the same rationale: weapons of mass destruction. It is importune that we forget to examine the character and intent of George W. Bush. He is determined not to leave quietly but with his wishes fulfilled.

And his primary one, as he has said over and over again, loud and clear, is that in so many words, that we need to teach Iran a lesson. Is Israel being set up to do our dirty work to satisfy this president’s ego?

There are dangers to a democracy of an unwavering man who hears God’s word. Surprising there’s been so little discussion on this topic, is he going to get his way? Is he using American support to twist the arms of our number one Middle East ally?

These are the questions that suggest themselves after there were at least two leaks by military command in Israel that managed to be reported. Consider, a high level Israeli military aide said that war with Iran was inevitable.

Two weeks before that an article appeared in the Jerusalem Post, apparently from a high-placed military aide saying virtually the same thing. This followed Bush’s trip to Israel by less than 10 days.

Does anyone remember when a highly placed Israeli let anything slip to a newsman? It just doesn’t happen. The Israelis are notorious for not letting anything “slip out.”

The one man who did talk about Israeli weaponry is still in jail. Those of us who have made a study of Bush know that he is passionate about only one thing: Getting his own way come hell or high water.

McCain failed to gather the forces of conservatism. He has failed to unite his party and the right wing knows it. They must realize that they will be out of the limelight for eight years. The loss of profits and influence will drive them nuts. That the dyed-in-the-wool right wing conservatives will find their deus ex machine, the candidate of values and God who will change the political outcome.

Too late. In effect, the right wing, those “big money” mavens who enjoy the perks of powers, in an effort to gain the support of the evangelicals, will put up somebody and the rest of us will say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Of course, such an action would have been highly irregular and they never did gather their resources, and have the necessary mental fortitude. Question now is, will they rise again?

The key determinant will be whether these king makers can live with an Obama presidency and whether they can get their act together to emotionally put their money where their mouths are. It’s extremely doubtful they would support another incursion into the Middle East.

President-elect Obama’s take on the energy (read oil) situation is eagerly awaited. If only because it is the automobile that is the principal user of oil products. Take the profits out of the equation, and lo and behold, Saudi Arabia is just another boondock.

And they can forget about building ski slopes in the desert and paying $500 an ounce for perfume to be used as embalming fluid. And guess what? It won’t end there.

The flood gates have been opened. And don’t be surprised if the Toyota people aren’t right behind. While the American market refused to consider the realities of insane oil pricing or the needs of the marketplace, the Japanese did not.

These guys see the future and they know it’s not oil. Thanks to them, the senior citizen may not be forced to choose between food and fuel.

While our president luxuriated in those quick profits and keeping his oil friends happy, we’re pleased to say that he and his ilk will be gone in 11 days and a new generation will take over. And as we say an extended good bye to oil, we can now begin to focus on our real options for the next 100 years: wind and sun.

You great panjandrums and self-inflated egoists know that your days are happily coming to an end and the world of the people is about to begin. We’ve all been dying to say that for the last eight years.

… As I was saying …

Wendy England Binnie, a novelist and op-ed columnist, lives in Oak Trace Villas. Contact her at smcnews@earthlink.net.