Why would anyone dump kittens on highway?

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Column by Jim Clark

For Christmas this year, our household grew by one. No, not that way. This one has soft fur and four legs, and is gray and white.

His name is Snuggles, the name given to him by the rescue personnel.

When our cat of 13 years, Mitch, died a little over three years ago, we decided, actually I decided, that we shouldn’t try to break in a new kitten while both of us were away working so much.

But now that I’m home a lot more, I said OK, and gave my wife the Christmas present of Snuggles.

It had been a long time since we had a four-legged furry friend that was this young and curious. As I write this on Friday morning, he’s been here less than 12 hours, and he’s explored almost everything.

Of particular interest are the low-hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree. They hang there and sway as you walk by, and of course that brings up a playful paw. Fortunately, they’re plastic, so he’s not going to hurt himself.

But the real story here is how Snuggles came to be available.

A woman waiting for the traffic light at Pine Run and State Road 200 spotted three cats, one under a car in front of her. She got out of her car and told the driver in front not to move, and eventually got two of the kittens into her possession. The third, Snuggles, got away.

Within a couple of days he was found in Pine Run, and the trio of brothers was reunited at a home in Northwest Marion County which serves as a shelter.

It amazes me, with all the loving people around, how anyone could just abandon three kittens near a busy highway. Of course, we don’t know if there were only three, but they’re the only ones that were found.

They were in pretty good physical shape, and obviously had been nursed by mama and taken care of, but then they were let loose.

With all the help available, it’s a little cruel to just drop them off somewhere and feel that someone will take care of them … or worse.

One of the three was adopted right away, we took Snuggles as the second one. That left the third one, Simba, another little lively kitten. As of this writing, Simba is still available, so if you’re interested, call Arlene at Sheltering Hands at 875-9761. There is a $50 adoption fee and you will have some paperwork to fill out, but the kitten is neutered, has his shots and is litter trained. You also get a little carrier to take him home in.

If you can’t help out, at least let your friends and neighbors know that there is a way to get rid of unwanted animals that is humane. Don’t just drop them off on the highway.

They may not be as lucky as Snuggles and his two brothers, who were saved by a caring lady at Pine Run.


Jim Clark is the editor of the South Marion Citizen.