The whole kit and caboodle need homes

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By Maria Devine

Today, it’s raining. I mean reigning – cats. Here’s your chance to be part of a very British royal family that includes Lady Lucinda and Sirs Thomas and Gerald. All three have been micro-chipped and spayed or neutered.

These well bred Brit kits love to play and cuddle. The sophisticated Lady Lucinda is classically turned out in basic black and white. At 2 years old, she has mastered the art of sitting on a winged back chair with her front leg jauntily draped over the side, waiting for you to do her bidding. Then, she’ll stretch her front paws onto her tummy, your signal to administer a belly rub. Oh, how quickly you catch on. The two brothers in arms, Sirs Thomas and Gerald, just love each other to pieces, and have never been apart for all their three years. The boys need to find their forever home together. Their softly golden marmalade coats have been luxuriously maintained. Gerald will rub up next to you in greeting, as only a sir can. They can amuse themselves for hours with a laser light or a feather on a string. Does someone have what it takes to be lady in waiting or man servant to one or more of these fascinating felines? As befits such nobility, they come equipped with food, toys, carriers, a covered litter box for the boys and a single one for Lady Lucinda. The whole kit and caboodle, as it were. Interested in Lucinda or Thomas and Gerald? Please call Fiona Blair at 873-7880.

We’ve not forgotten about you dog lovers out there. Have you been itching for a new best friend, but the thought of puppy parenting is as appetizing as pig ears? Does the energy level of the adolescent dog leave you too exhausted to leave the couch? Then we may have the perfect solution – the adult or senior dog. They generally have some fine attributes, like minding their manners, and knowing how to fit into a routine. Take Pepe, the senior Pekinese, whose owner can no longer care for him. He is neutered and up to date on all shots. Independent and well trained, though hard of hearing, he lets you know his every wish – like being scratched above his tail. If grooming is more your thing, he’ll happily sit for a brushing session. He’s no slouch in the play department either. He’ll happily run up to you for a little (light) roughhousing with his tail a wagging. Pepe would love to be part of your forever home. According to his foster mom, he’ll take a while to settle in, but will soon be comfy. Please call Betty Kyle at 978-257-5502 for more information about this precious pooch.

Our adult dog is Jack, a five-year-old salt ‘n pepper miniature Schnauzer.  This friendly little guy can’t wait to show you some affection. When you’re sitting in your easy chair he’ll saunter over and nuzzle your fingers for some belly rubs. Jack will take food and snacks from your fingers with a gentle, soft mouth. He’s housetrained, can sit and stay with hand commands, and doesn’t mind his bath. He’ll bark once to alert you to something — then stop.  But Jack’s favorite activity is walking. He wants to investigate what’s going on in your yard and he will clear it of squirrels in no time. Jack must be leashed at all times unless he’s in a fenced area or he’ll try to bolt. Do you have the experience or energy required to teach Jack some leash manners? He’ll reward you with a lifetime of love. Got allergies? His non-shed coat should be a great choice for you. If you would like to meet Jack, please give Bob Carter a call at 207-7349.

Patience please

Most of us in the Corridor have moved here from someplace else; from a home that we loved and still have fond memories of. How easy was it for you to adjust to a totally new environment? Now. think of that pet you may want to adopt. Without a choice in the matter, he will be going from his own home, to a foster home or shelter, and finally to your home. You didn’t feel comfortable overnight and neither will he. Strong bonds take time to develop, whether they’re with other people, our community, or our pets. Respect his feelings and give him time to warm up to you. You don’t have to coddle him but let him explore at his own pace. Make it easy for him by setting up a daily routine and sticking to it. Consistency is the key, so show him what’s expected of him, since he won’t know on his own. Only from the seeds of mutual trust can a loving relationship grow.

Unsung heroes  

The unsung heroes of any animal welfare group are the foster caregivers, but it is especially so for an organization like the SPCA, which does not have a physical shelter to house the animals. Instead, we rely on a network of caring individuals committed to helping pets in need get ready to find their forever homes.  Right now, we really need more people who are willing to do this. If you love companion animals and have been wondering how you can help them, why not call us at the number below and we will explain all the rewarding aspects of this special endeavor. Without enough fosters, owners who can no longer keep their pets will have no alternative but to turn them over to a shelter.

The next meeting of the SPCA is Thursday, May 21, at 1:00 p.m. in Room H of the Arbor Conference Center in On Top of the World Communities. We try to make a difference in the lives of pets in need and we welcome all pet lovers. You can come as a guest and join if you like what you see. If you live outside of OTOW, just tell the guard that you are attending the SPCA meeting. If you have questions or need our services, please call 352-362-0985.

Till next month remember: “Pets are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.”