Who will make the phone calls to protest the government’s direction?

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By Robert E. Beckner

It seems that wherever you turn these days the news is bad. We are at a unique moment in history. We find ourselves in the middle of two wars and an economic crisis. The decisions we make in the coming days, weeks and months will shape our nation for generations to come.

We must break out of the division that our people seem to be in. Have we truly lost our way? Our economy, once celebrated as a guarantor of freedom and prosperity, now seems corrupted by greed, materialism and uncertainty.

Other countries we called our friends, who used to envy us, seem to despise us now. There are a lot of people who think our administration’s socialist agenda has caused us to have lost not only our sense of ourselves but of our place in the world. We are no longer a nation with secure borders, free from nightmarish debt and with liberty and justice for all.

Policy struggles are coming; particularly when it comes to stopping wasteful deficit spending, job-killing tax increases and the earmarks that breed corruption and hollow out our nation’s military, thereby reducing our nations’ security, as well as its intelligence gathering ability.

We must stop the most dangerous and ill-advised policies put forth by our Congress.

Our president let the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, both with left wing agendas, draw up the stimulus package without one word inserted by any Republicans.

The president hasn’t said “no” to either of them in his first 50 days in office – surely they are running the country.

They are both dedicated liberals and are not one bit interested in bipartisanship. Their aim is to just get funds for their outlandish social projects, forgetting what’s good for our people and our country: jobs for Americans, health care for those who can’t pay for it, credit relief and mortgages to those that can afford them, less government, more defense.

Ultimately, the most critical issues coming up, the policies that will be adopted will be shaped by you. You need as never before to speak up now and let your voice be heard in Washington. By speaking out in a very loud voice, it will help counter the tremendous number of loud voices demanding that tax dollars be spent on new government programs, including the “earmarks” — almost 9,000 of them — that our President apparently “forgot” about.

On the campaign trail, he first said when elected he would see there would be no more “earmarks;” then when elected, he said there were no “earmarks” in the stimulus package, but there were and he signed it!

No further comment; none needed.

You can be a very valuable ally to all Americans in stopping some of the worst deficit producing government waste over the past 25 years.

Everyone can agree these massive tax increases are a dire threat to the economic security of every American, including our children and their children for many years to come.

Widespread opposition to these painful tax and spending proposals is urgently needed. Are you going to step up to the plate and make that telephone call or send that e-mail to your two Senators and one Congressman? Just say “no” to the taxes and spending – they will listen to you the voter. Try it, you’ll like the feeling!

It isn’t widely known yet but the administration wants to cut 12 ½% from current Social Security payments, as well as discussing having our Veteran’s wounds and injuries no longer being free. The ex-service man’s insurance company would pay the VA. What if this man or woman has no insurance? Sure tells us their train of thought!

We are talking about a large sum of money being spent on the pork barrel projects of some Congressman, (both sides of the aisle, Democrats 60% and yes, Republicans 40%). The actual figure isn’t known by anyone. It’s an estimate at some where over $1 trillion dollars and rising every day. This sum includes so called tax rebates for people who don’t pay federal income taxes – they haven’t yet been told that the way the bill is written. All those who receive this money will have to pay income tax on it next year.

Of course we can’t forget the doubling of our foreign aid.

Speaking of such, our Government recently sent $900 million to Hamas. Yes, the same “enemy terrorists” that have sent thousands of rockets into our friends, the Israelis, and caused many deaths and much destruction.

Our government says the money is for the poor Palestinians and Arabs. Do you want to bet who actually gets the funds? I’ll bet on the terrorists.

Try getting the government to give you a good reason for this aid. Hamas wants to kill us and today they are killing the Jews. Our Country has gone mad!

We cannot do as the President wants – he continues to say he wants to spread our wealth around (some call it ACORN relief.)

Just wait until funds begin to flow into houses and people who have been foreclosed on. ACORN members have already said they will be in those houses, refusing to move out – defying authority, etc.

They are the ones who will get the foreclosure money – you will hear all about it soon – after it happens, not before. As usual with our government, all is secret.

Where is the “transparency” so loudly bragged about that was going to happen in the new administration – haven’t seen it yet. Just another “forgotten” promise it seems.

One other shocking thing that happened to the original bailout TARP funds that went to the banks, is that its been disclosed reluctantly that the Bank of America has sent $9 billion to Dubia. TARP funds invested there, not in America for jobs, credit relief or mortgages, etc.

Not to be outdone, Citigroup sent $8 billion to be invested in China. That’s right, not America again. It is also believed that $7 billion went to India.

 Now the “shocker” from no less than the biggest liberal who writes for the New York Times. Paul Krugman, says in his column that the administration’s economic policies are already falling behind the curve and that the original stimulus plan was too small. Now their big question is, will Congress go along and vote more funds — to be used for whatever the first plan was to have corrected? More to come. Keep watching.

Robert E. Beckner lives in Majestic Oaks with his wife, Sarah. He is a retired private investigator and insurance adjuster. He has also been a photographer and served with the Military Police in the Marine Corps.