Who is in charge? 04-01-2011

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Letter to the editor by Wayne Rackley

Who has the ultimate power in the United States of America? Who’s the boss? Is it the president, vice president, the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court, the EPA, the Speaker of the House? Think this over for a minute and decide on your answer. Maybe you think it’s the United Nations. If you think one of the above is correct, you are wrong on all accounts. The answer is We the People, the citizens of the United States.

Unfortunately, many of us have forgotten that fact, believing if the above decide on a mandate for us to follow we must do so. The fact is that unless it is within the Fed’s Constitutional powers, they can’t make the states/citizens do anything. We can simply say, “no thanks!” Our problem is in not knowing what our Constitution says and how it guarantees the sovereignty of the individual states and individuals.

All elected officials must give an oath to protect/defend our Constitution, including so help me God. Not only do many citizens not know our sovereign rights but many of the elected do not as well. The obvious answer is for each one of us to study our U.S. Constitution as well as our state Constitution to understand when we have the right to say no!! Our Constitution limits the power of government.

In looking over the Constitution, you will see that one of the main jobs of the Fed is “to protect our borders,” a fact some of the above have forgotten. The Constitution was written to give most control to the individual states and we can solve most of our problems by having each state take back control of areas so dictated by our Constitution.

If you missed former Sheriff Richard Mack’s presentation at the Ocala Tea Party, I invite you go to his website: Sheriff Mack.Com to obtain valuable information regarding our Constitution and the power of the states. I’m sure many will write editorials regarding this fine American and his belief in our being able to restore America to our rightful place. I’m looking forward to reading them, you will too.

Get a copy of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, read and study them so you will understand and appreciate the wisdom of these documents, then hold all elected officials accountable. It’s up to you!

God Bless America!

Wayne Rackley