Who is carrying whom? 07-01-2011

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Letter to the editor by D.I. Larson


Verrrry interesting,  {a la Sgt. Schultz}.

Who is carrying whom? Let us give this a little more thought and research.

How many people are paying NO taxes? The figure most commonly cited is 43 percent.  This includes those at the top lolling around in their loop-hole heaven, and those at the bottom lolling around in their hand-out heaven. Who is left to pay taxes? Voila:  You guessed it, the middle class.

Raise taxes, and the middle class gets hit. As always, it is the middle class vs. the moochers. This is “social justice?” Not in my book.

The top 1 percent have loopholes, and the bottom have no responsibility. The middle class is the lucky winner of the whole tax enchilada. Yummy.

Who is carrying whom?

The middle class,  that is “whom.”


D.I. Larson