Who are we anyway?

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Letter to the editor by Wayne Rackley

By Wayne Rackley

Congratulations to L. Emmons, Ed Noe, Bill Farthing and Charles Piazza

for your thoughtful editorials last week. When you write with common sense and

an obvious love for our country, it shows the “far left” up for who they are and gives

them challenges they simply can’t answer without revealing their radical agenda for

all to see. I can’t wait to see Wendy Binnie’s response to the challenges. One of the oldest sayings known to man, “You can best judge a man by the company he keeps” has never been more meaningful than it is with President Obama. If these American hating radicals don’t scare you with their visions for our future, you truly don’t understand what made America great. Don’t believe me, Glenn Beck or anyone else, just listen to their own words from their own mouth and their writings.

The more power the federal government attains, the more freedom we lose. Does even the most liberal American really want this type change for our children and grandchildren? Do you really prefer other countries to ours? Do you believe that our rights come from government and not from almighty God? Most Americans strongly support our capitalist system and the opportunities it provides, denouncing the attempted move toward socialism or worse by this administration. Again, if you don’t

believe we are the greatest country in the world you have the right to move to wherever you think is better.

Liberals attack the Tea Parties without any knowledge of what goes on in the

meetings. I know of no other group that works so hard to get meaningful information to the public about local and national candidates and their stance on important issues.

Our Ocala Tea Party provides “report cards” on the candidates, not to endorse, but to

provide the public with this information. Following an opening Pledge of Allegiance and prayer, we are brought up to date on recent national and local events. We then feature a candidate who makes a short presentation on his or her qualifications then have an open forum for questions. Anyone can participate and this gives us the opportunity to better know the candidate and how they feel on important issues relative to the respective office/position. Every voting citizen should have this information so if you have not attended, I invite you to our next Monday night meeting at 7 p.m. at Berean Baptist Church on 20th Street in Ocala. Look me up, Lord willing, I will be there.

Most Americans still believe that God is in charge, he is the creator of the universe, we were created in his image, not the result of some explosion Wendy, and we pray the he will continue to bless our country as he has in the past. He promises to heal our land if we turn back to him.

God bless.

Wayne Rackley