Who are the victims? 03-11-2011

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Letter to the editor by Joseph Daigle

Possibly a number of voters would like to know whose credit Marion County is using to get into private business in competition with legitimate business. Are the taxpayers the receivers of the bill through enormous tax billing and various fees for their water, sewer service and buildings permits?

I must admit that the Code Enforcement people are not too efficient when it takes them 10 months to advise a prospective building code applicant, for a roof replacement, that he is in violation and subject to penalties after they had been advised eight months prior that the job was complete, and someone in that department had signed the designated third acceptance slot on the permit. Very efficient!

Ask anybody who is hooked up to Marion Utilities what happened to their service and, of course, the large fees. Still would like to know how the water usage is figured vs. the waters used for irrigating the lawns and disposed through their sewage treatment system.

How can treatment on water that does not utilize the Treatment Plant be charged a treatment fee? Perhaps the answer is to start a class action and let the courts decide who the victim is and who is taking unjust advantage of their political powers.

Joseph Daigle