Who’s right is it anyway? 02-04-2011

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Letter to the editor by Wayne Rackley

Do I have a right to take what you have in money or property? The answer is a resounding “No”!! Neither do you have the right to take mine! In most cases that is known as stealing and one goes to jail for such theft. Yet somehow liberals feel that even though one doesn’t or simply won’t pay his own way, he is entitled to have others pay for his share. Two examples of this are everyone having a “right” to medical care and even home ownership. Of course there are some who are disabled in some way and simply can’t afford to pay their own way, but these are the exceptions and should be taken care of through various organizations, charities, our churches and our own families. The question again: Who has to pay for it? It’s called Responsibilty!

The biggest reason for having no health insurance is not that it wasn’t available but that the individual chooses not to pay for it. This was the case even in the 1960s when I began selling that product. Many preferred to buy tangible things with that money rather than pay for this protection for their families. The response given in most cases is “I’m willing to take the gamble.” This was the case years ago and is true today. If you are covered and for some reason lose your coverage, you have the right to convert to another plan and by doing so you do not have to worry about pre-existing conditions. The bridge coverage is known as Cobra that can fill the gap between jobs for instance. The most common way one is affected by pre-existing conditions is when the individual doesn’t have present coverage, often not willing to purchase insurance until an illness is known. This presents a major problem.

Many condemn conservatives for not wanting government more involved in our health care and use Medicare as an example, even challenging us to drop it if we don’t believe in government taking it over. What they don’t recognize is that most of us, including me, had/have ample health coverage for our families and would have continued same without Medicare. Those not yet eligible are covered under private plans that we pay for, we don’t ask you to pay the premiums for us. Please don’t expect us to pay for yours!

Without question there needs to be improvement in our health care to make it more efficient and affordable but the present proposal goes way too far and is more about power, taking control of our lives than it is about improving our health care system. It always comes down to this one point: Big Government is not the answer!

God bless.

Wayne Rackley