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Mountains From Molehills

By Bill Koch, editor


I was glued to the television Thursday – scheduling the testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and the Honorable Brett Kavanaugh was the only thing the Republican senators did right because that’s the one day I have to myself. Moreover, of course, it’s all about me.

Neither party is blameless in getting us to this point because both parties want to win the midterm elections and more than a few on the Senate Judiciary Committee aspire to run for president in 2020 – including Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz.

The senators grandstanded, schemed and debated who had the moral high ground on behalf of the American people. As one of the American people, I was repulsed, but continued to watch for the same reason I rubberneck while driving past a traffic accident, but that was no traffic accident. That was a train wreck.

I feel incredibly sympathetic toward Dr. Blasey Ford and her family, because she tried the best she could to remain anonymous. The main issue I had with her was that if she were afraid to fly to Washington, D.C., I would think it would be equally difficult for her to fly to Hawaii.  

Republicans said Dr. Blasey Ford was a credible witness. However, what does the word “credible” mean. According to the dictionary, the definition is one who is “capable of being believed; believable or plausible.”

Saying Dr. Blasey Ford is credible is the same as, “I believe she suffered a traumatic experience, but I do not believe it was at the hands of Brett Kavanaugh.”

Democrats believed Dr. Blasey Ford. They did not find the judge credible.

Whom do we believe? Both are well-educated and successful in their chosen careers.

I saw the judge as a stark-raving mad lunatic. I do not care how successful one is or how dysfunctional the U.S. Senate is, that is no excuse for such a public display of disrespect. I understand he was doing it for the president who criticized him as “weak” during the Fox News interview.

Do his actions mean he’s guilty as Democrats would have us believe? I don’t know. Are his actions of someone who has been privileged all his life and this is the one time he may not get what he wants? I don’t know that either. Is it someone who sees his lifelong dream slipping away? Again, I don’t know that.

What about the calendar? I recently met someone who has kept all her desktop calendars since 1982. Is it credible for the judge to emulate his dad and keep all his calendars? It’s not likely, but it’s certainly plausible.

What about his offensive outburst toward Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn.? Does that mean he disrespects women? I don’t know. I’m glad he apologized to her, but why did he apologize? Was the apology sincere or did someone remind him during the break that he stepped way over the line? I would like to have seen him do it before the break.

Sen. Flake seemed to be sincere in his observation that the event was tearing the country apart and felt an FBI investigation into the allegations was warranted. Did he change his mind after his encounter with Ana Maria Archila and Maria Gallagher on the elevator? Only Jeff Flake knows that. He said later his action was based on an accumulation of everything. I’ll bet that is the one truth that has come out of this entire nomination process so far.

So, now there is a one-week FBI investigation into two allegations of sexual abuse. Attorney Michael Avenatti’s client, Julie Swetnick, has not been contacted by the FBI. According to news reports, her claims are not within the scope of the investigation ordered by President Donald Trump. Is that because, the president despises Avenatti? Without a doubt. Unfortunately for Republicans, that is a big mistake because Avenatti knows how to game the system probably as well as the president. The allegations of his client will follow Republican candidates at least through Nov. 6.

Of course, those are my opinions and opinions are like names – everyone has at least two.