What happened to our country?

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Letter to the editor by L.P. Miller

There was a time when patriotism knew no political bound.  There was a time when both sides of the  aisle loved this country.  That is no longer true.  

What happed to the oath they took to the Constitution?.

The Obama administration ignores the first amendment when they want to intimidate "We the People"  as they have done in the state of Washington, demanding that certain signs be taken down from along the Interstate.  Washington state replied they would secede from the union rather than be intimidated.

The darling of the Democrat party, Hillary Clinton, has signed a small arms agreement with the U.N. to take our second amendment,  the right to bear arms, from us.

The fourth amendment has all but been eradicated when the Patriot Act was re-signed with the changes made to it. No longer do the police need a  cause or a warrant  to enter your home.  Look what happened in Arizona, 72 bullets in a man who was not carrying a weapon.  Thank you, Sheriff Dupnik.  Indiana, same problem.

Israelis once again being threatened by her enemies. They have been our closest friend in the region and yet they are being thrown under the bus as Obama has become the spokesman for Palestine.

Fifty years have gone by and once again America is fighting the communists.  This time it is from within our own government under the guise of the hard left wing of the Democrat Party.

There are 74card carrying members of the Democrat Socialist Party of America in our Congress.  Go ahead, look it up (DSA.com.)

Democrats have crossed over the line and cease  to be patriots!

Wake the hell up, people, before there is no longer a free America!

You are either a patriot or a Democrat. The two no longer go together.

L.P. Miller