We’ll be caroling in the Glen

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By Elbert Ford

This is that time of the year when we find the days are getting their shortest. That’s just in daylight but I’m sure that you (like me) feel as if the time is shorter, also. There’s not enough time in the day to prepare for the holidays.

It’s such a great time of year with all the events connected to it and families getting together to exchange gifts and most of all just being together. Since we’re mostly all transplants from somewhere else, if you know of a neighbor who is spending the holidays alone, now is the season to extend your holiday cheer to them.

Most of the houses are arrayed in their finest holiday decorations, awaiting the day they will be judged. Even if we don’t win we can still be proud of our efforts.

The community will meet for time of caroling and refreshments. One resident is 106 years old (I think) and she will get serenaded at her home.

There has been a fair amount of activity here at the Glen. We had a very successful Scramble for the Future to aid the homeless children of Marion County. A goodly amount of money was raised, although the figures aren’t all in at this writing.

Not only have we been active, it looks as if it will stay that way. A big New Year’s party is scheduled for our meeting room, complete with a catered dinner and a dance with live music.

Movie night is on tap each month, and for a small donation we all get to see one of the latest films right here. Karaoke night has proved to be loads of fun and will continue next year monthly.

We are presently getting involved in a recycling program and have an alternate sanitation service that will take all out recyclables at no extra charge.

Since I started participating, I’ve been amazed how much less trash I have. About 75 per cent of everything we throw out is recyclable. And it makes you feel as if you are doing your part in the big picture.

Cookin’ in the Glen

Our recipe of the month was provided by Dee Sleeper. I’ve tried it and it really hits the spot.

A Cheese Cake Recipe

3 pkgs. (8-oz. each) cream cheese, softened

5 eggs at room temperature

3/4 to 1 teaspoon vanilla or almond extract

1 1/3 cups sugar


Preheat oven to 325 degrees and grease a 9- by 12-in. glass baking dish. Beat together cream cheese and eggs (add one at a time, beating well after each). Add vanilla or almond extract and sugar; beat well.

Pour into prepared pan and bake for 45- to 50 minutes (check after 40 min.). Remove from oven and let cool 20 minutes.

Add topping and bake for another 10 minutes. Allow to cool completely in pan, and then cut into squares.


Combine one pint sour cream, one teaspoon vanilla extract, and four tablespoons sugar.

Elbert Ford, his wife, Pat, and their two cats have been happy residents of SummerGlen for three years – after 34 winters in Michigan. Get your group’s news to Elbert at 484-1216 or e-mail elbieham@hotmail.com.