Welcome President Obama, goodbye Bush

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By Wendy Binnie

If we all believe a lie, does the truth exist? This is a Zen metaphor for how Bush 43 set us up; the ultimate con. Get ready, folks, you’ve barely been exposed as yet. Right now, we are at an early conditioning phase. What should we know? That’s easy.

Did you listen to his remake of history in the last few days of his failed presidency? He sees himself as being unappreciated as (elder statesman) he refers to himself as the liberator, the man who saved us from terrorism. He tells us of his biggest disappointment – the jumbled research findings of the CIA.

Along the way, he leaves out a few things. We’re told he kept the country safe and mentioned different “targets” he managed to save – but never said what they were.

He wanted to go to war against Iraq almost immediately after he got into office. In fact it appears that seems to be the actual reason for the bald-faced trashing of state’s rights, known locally as the Florida fiasco.

With 9/11 he got his opportunity. Never mind that 17 out of 19 of the terrorists who attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon carried Saudi passports. Never mind that none were Iraqis. Never mind that there was no connection to Saddam Hussein.

Never mind that he started out with the desired result and made the CIA find proof that his findings were the only ones that held up. Never mind that there were no wmds. Never mind that the Iraqis had not purchased large quantities of materials needed to make wmds.

Never mind that Ambassador Wilson’s wife was “outed” as a CIA covert operator after Wilson wrote an essay in the New York Times describing the fallacy of the “yellow-cake” conjecture (a federal crime). All of that “stuff” is ancient history; why bring it up? And Bush doesn’t.

Everybody else was wrong; everybody else was misinformed; only George was right. And that’s how he is determined to be remembered. And nobody calls him on it, not even the grand poobahs of media who expect to have our respect and admiration for avoiding the truth over the last eight years. They are all frauds – interested only in bigger ratings, growing their franchises, and keeping out of harm’s way.

Whatever happened to the moral high ground? It doesn’t exist; let’s get that straight.

Not only did the late occupant of the White House aspire to elder statesman, he also saw himself as the great “liberator” who promulgated “No Child Left Behind” – a program that never worked, even when it was first used in Houston. There were always children who didn’t make it and simply fell through the cracks and disappeared.

And then there were persistent rumors that all teachers did was prepare for the tests, and when they still scored low the tests were made easier. Learning was relegated to the back burner.

Because it cost so much to put this empty shell of a program forward, school districts were forced to cut back on music and arts programs, after school activities and other programs designed to enrich the student’s life.

Yes, the Great Liberator has not only screwed up everything he’s touched, but he’s also moved us back to the Dark Ages in terms of science. He’s lowered the bar on every other program to enhance the learning experience; he’s ignored those who fell through the cracks and he had the audacity to call himself the Education President.

He was the president of nothing except collusion, corruption and self-interest, and if anybody thinks otherwise, they are sadly misinformed or misguided or both. The man is an embarrassment to the notion of democracy. He called the Constitution a piece of paper, and has demonstrated time and time again that he has no respect for the law.

To think that Clinton was impeached for nothing (oh, lying to a Grand Jury – and that can be described as nothing compared to the Bush lies.) This president was given a pass on virtually everything and is more than even a strong stomach can tolerate. It is a depressing sign that by the media and honest men not speaking out, we approach our denouement as the greatest society the world has ever known.

His departure was not a day for celebration but a time of mourning for truth, honesty and courage. But celebrate we did and joyously so.

When the sheer exuberance of the American people was shown on Jan. 20, the pride and hope was palpable. Bush packed his bags and patted himself on the back – admittedly a difficult maneuver – and left President Obama to clean up the messes he created on Wall Street, small town America, housing, the staggering loss of jobs, escalation of unemployment, the unfair wages paid to managers that have not trickled down, the failed policies, the failures in infrastructure, the willingness to sell us out to the highest bidder, the lack of concern for preservation of environment or species, a lack of motivation to clean up the air we breathe or the water we drink, and the mendacity.

This was no president of the people, nor shall he be an elder statesman. Frankly, he’s an embarrassment to our democratic society. He’s an embarrassment to the notions of fair play and honesty in government – and to the notions of what constitutes good government for the people.

He was a president who had no trouble forgetting (in his own inevitable power grab and ego-driven policies) that it also demonstrated a lack of maturity, judgment, honesty or concern for the people of America and the inhabitants of Planet Earth. Don’t fall for the recent “softening” and pretend-self-deprecation; he’s as cold and calculating as his mentor, Dick Cheney, who learned at the feet of Machiavelli.

Welcome to our world, President Obama, and good luck!

… As I was saying …

Wendy England Binnie, a novelist and op-ed columnist, lives in Oak Trace Villas. Contact her at smcnews@earthlink.net.