We want your photos for Discover

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The Citrus Publishing Company Marion County newspapers, including the South Marion Citizen, West Marion Messenger and Riverland News, are planning the third annual special section for this fall called “Discover Marion County.”

The section will carry information to guide people around the various things that the county has to offer. It will include lists, some stories and photos, lots of photos.

That’s where we need your input. If you have any photos that you are willing to share on a volunteer basis, that show scenes from the county, e-mail them to us as JPG attachments to editor@smcitizen.com.

Do not shrink the photos. Please include a description of where and approximately when the photos were taken (spring, summer, etc.) and the name of the person who took the photo.

Unlike what we usually say for regular photos, we are not necessarily looking for pictures with people in them. Scenic views are usually the best.

Please make sure the photos are from Marion County.

While the section is still weeks away, we are now starting to compile information, so please send us what you have.