We support Israel 06-03-2011

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Letter to the editor by Wayne Rackley

                     The first thing all Americans should know is that Israel is not a political issue, but a biblical one. Israel is the only nation created by a sovereign act of God in the book of Genesis. God also promises to bless every nation who blesses Israel. This is cause for all Christians to support them in the past, present and future. The Jewish people gave us the word of God, the prophets, the first family of Christianity, Mary, Joseph and Jesus himself. Without the above, Christianity would not exist! Jesus never called the Gentiles his brethren until the cross. We were outside the covenants of Israel, without God and without hope.

Any nation that tries to divide the land, including Jerusalem, will experience

the judgment of God! The day America turns its back on Israel is the day God will turn his back on America. Without God’s blessing, our great country, our America will cease to exist as we know it.

Apparently our President Obama doesn’t realize this and hopefully he will not

get a Jewish or Christian vote in 2012. His attack on Israel may be “The Blessing We Needed To Get Him Defeated.”

For clarification, I am not Jewish but I am a Christian and a believer in the

Bible being the inspired word of God. All of the above is validated in Scripture.

 My prayer is that all believers will unite and stand up for the state of Israel, God

 is watching!

May God continue blessing America !

Wayne Rackley