We should say no

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Letter to the editor by Wayne Rackley

By Wayne Rackley

Liberals blast conservatives for saying “no” to government programs that are designed to transform our nation. I wonder how they ever disciplined their children, attempting to teach them right from wrong if they were afraid to say no when they were doing something that was wrong.

Don’t play with fire, you may get burned! Don’t spend money you do not have! Don’t take things that do not belong to you! Don’t have someone else do your homework! Don’t talk on the phone or text while driving!

These are just a few areas that a loving parent will be involved in as he/she attempts to raise the child to become a mature adult.

When we see programs being implemented that are in direct violation to our Constitution, programs designed to make the cost of our energy “skyrocket,” programs to redistribute our nation’s wealth, to have the Fed taking more and more freedom from our citizens, we proudly say “no” and will continue to do so. If these programs are designed to help our people, we don’t want their help. Why is it so hard to understand what we stand for?

To state that these citizens are not informed could not be further from the truth. Here in Ocala for example, the local Tea Party meets every Monday night during which pertinent subjects are discussed, candidates interviewed, and educational material is made available to all attendees. This involves national, state, county and city issues that are important to all of us. We are not interested in reliving the past few years, we want to go back to having politicians who love America, respect our Constitution and don’t believe in putting us in debt we can never repay. Come to the next meeting and look me up, we will make you feel right at home.

As I have mentioned before, there were great Democrats in our past, such as Senator Russell; however the party has been hijacked by those who prefer a socialistic direction for America, and that is not good!

Whoever is in power will have a huge problem as we move to get our house back in order, and we seniors may have to accept the fact that we will not be getting cost of living raises for some time. Please don’t say we are on a fixed income because that applies to nearly everyone, employees or retirees. Sadly many have lost all or part of their income, at least ours hasn’t been cut.

We will need cuts across the board, no exceptions, making every effort to eliminate waste and fraud wherever it exists. We need people in office that will be dedicated to that end, writing no more bills that no one understands.

One thing I hope we can agree on, we need to pray as a nation for our leaders, pray that they will seek God’s guidance and love our great nation.

God bless.

Wayne Rackley