We must maintain a positive attitude

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By June Roberta

"Hard times, hard times, come again no more," is the wish of a classic American song by Stephen Foster. Yet, they do come to all of us at one time or another.

With the economy doing so badly and so many out of work, hard times have certainly showed up this past year. Most retirees don’t work but have money problems also due to the stock market, low interest rates, etc. We will weather this as we have other hard times in our lives.

In spite of this, we have to maintain a positive attitude. Over the years, we had to learn to find pleasure in the simple things. This is something younger people need to learn. All of us need to make the best of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Life is like this. The hard times eventually change into good ones. Until then, it helps to do what we can for the less fortunate be it money or health problems.


Bob Woods gave a lecture and showed a 11⁄2-hour award winning film at Live Oak Hall on Antarctica. He lived there during the 1960s while he was in the Armed Forces.

It is a desolate but peaceful place. The scenery was unusual with ice and snow everywhere. There is an active volcano and a lava lake.

Two years worth of supplies were brought in at a time. This is in case ships can’t get in. This is the coldest continent on earth. There are five months of no sunlight.

Divers go under the ice to film all kinds of sea creatures like nothing seen before. They bring up specimens for the scientists to check out. Field studies were conducted in sub-freezing temperatures.

Bob brought different items that he thought would interest the class. Among them were a penguin’s feather and seals teeth.

Water Walking

This is a free class that takes place the second and fourth Tuesday, June through September from 1:30 to 2:15 p.m. It is held at the outdoor pool at the Arbor Club. Contact Cammy Dennis at 854-5198, extension 13.

Illinois Social Club

This club will resume on Sunday, Sept 20, for dinner at the home of Marlene and Hank Kaiser.

October will be our bus trip to Helen, Ga., for their Oktoberfest, Oct. 21 through 23. It  includes RT bus, two nights hotel, two breakfasts, two dinners and admission to the fest hall.

In December we will be going to the Show Palace in Hudson, for a Christmas Show which includes RT bus, dinner and show.

We welcome anyone who has lived in Illinois to join our great group for lots of fun. We have no meetings and no dues, just good social time talking about what it was like living there and so glad we live in Florida and OTOW.

We invite anyone in OTOW to join us on both of these trips. Call Marlene for reservations and information at 369-3341.

Master the Possibilities

Master the Possibilities Education Center begins its September programming next week. During this month they will offer 35 programs and 22 of them are brand new. Next week will feature computer classes, health and wellness a film series and special lecture on “Electronic Warfare during the Cold War.”

In addition there will be a series of three evening classes that look at Entomology (The Science of Bugs). Florida’s Fabulous Spiders, and Snakes! Make sure that you look again at the descriptions in our catalog. Go to masterthepossibilities.com or stop by the center and pick up a copy. These are very high quality programs and over 3,000 of your friends and neighbors have already experienced the joy of learning and growing.

“And this too shall pass…”

June Roberta is retired and lives in OTOW. She enjoyed a diverse career, including being a legal secretary to a theatrical attorney on Madison Avenue. Call her at 237-9208, or e-mail OTOW news to her at jroberta@cfl.rr.com. Deadline is a week prior to Friday’s publication.