We are broke 07-08-2011

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Letter to the editor by D.I. Larson

America is broke, folks. Broke, broke.

Embed that fact onto your brain.

You can yell and scream all you want about whether something is an entitlement, or, an investment. There is no money for either. You cannot get blood from a turnip, nor, money from an empty fund.

The time for yelling and screaming is long past. This should have been done when our illustrious government began to raid the funds from the SS piggy bank. The government wasted {excuse me: spent} all our SS money. There are no funds. They smashed the piggy bank to smithereens.

Not only has the government raped the SS system, but the financial funds of every stripe.

How are you living on your stock funds, your money market funds, and CDs? Living high on the hog? How far is that .01% taking you?

Last month I received one whole cent interest on my checking account. I am salting that straight into my retirement account. Some day the interest on it may save my life.


Nanny is broke. The government cannot pay anyone anything. Get it?

The government must stop spending. Pay off its credit cards, and shred them.

“We the people” must pay attention henceforth. Keep bureaucrats on a very short leash. They cannot be trusted. You see where trust has gotten us, thus far.

Our inattention has brought us a gigantic headache. Anyone have an aspirin big enough, or a couple extra trillion to spare? I have .01 I might consider contributing.

D.I. Larson