Voting early may be the answer

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

Ordinarily, we’re not big proponents of early voting, or of absentee voting when it’s not absolutely necessary.
However, this year may be different.
Because there are 11 Florida Constitution amendments on the ballot, and some of them are wordy, the ballot is two pages, 14 inches long, both sides.
If everyone waits to vote on Election Day, that could be a disaster. We have visions of people waiting a very long time while those ahead of them try to read through the ballot and figure out which way they are going to vote.
And if they let everyone who is on line at 7 p.m. vote, the ballot counting could be delayed by quite a bit.
With a bunch of other key races on the ballot, such as U.S. president, U.S. senator, various state races and some Congressional races, it could make for a very long day for poll workers.
Of course, we haven’t even mentioned the local races, especially for County Commission, supervisor of elections, sheriff and school superintendent.
So this time, we’re going to trust election officials and ask you to go ahead and vote ahead of time, either at an early voting site or by absentee ballot.
That way you can take your time, especially with the absentee ballots, which you can peruse at your leisure at home, just making sure you get them back on time.
Incidentally, because the ballot is so big, it’s going to cost you 65 cents to mail it back, instead of the normal postage of 45 cents.
But as one speaker pointed out at a recent forum, you can’t get in your car, start the engine and drive to a polling place for only 65 cents worth of gas.
You can also drop the absentee ballots off at the election office, if you’re so inclined.
So to save yourself a bit of aggravation on Election Day, consider voting early. The count will be long enough without those who vote early, so don’t add to the problem.
Then you can get on the Internet and watch the returns ... if you can stay up that late.