Voter apathy

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Letter to the editor by Jerry Segovis

Floridais what happens when voters are discouraged and feel that their vote doesn’t count. The majority of registered voters are Democratic but they haven’t learned that you actually have to show up at the voting booth to make their numbers count.

It seems that no matter who you vote for, the Republicans end up with the super majority and do not need the Democrats to pass their self serving legislation. House Speaker Dean Cannon and Senate President Mike Haridopoulos have steered millions of dollars of taxpayer money to projects in their home districts rather than spending this state revenue on education and health care.

When you talk about leadership and their priorities to the Republicans you are talking to the masters of deception where state income tax revenue is concerned. It was no accident that small corporations will receive $37 million in tax breaks that could have helped the classrooms for Florida’s children. It was no accident that thousands of state workers will lose their jobs even though our states unemployment is already at 11 percent.

We can talk tough right now about our state employees but the next election cycle those that were excessed will not bother to vote. If this type of management was in the private sector it would be called stealing but in Florida it’s business as usual.

Many residents are sick and tired of watching our state being mismanaged and being lied to about our disappearing finances and we would move to another state if our property wasn’t devalued in the amount that it has been. Florida still has one thing that we can be very proud of and that is that we seem to have the best state legislature that money can buy.

Jerry Segovis