Vote against Amendment 4

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Letter to the editor by Beverly Baird

By The Staff

To All informed citizens: Vote “no” on Constitutional Amendment # 4. This amendment is better known as ‘Hometown Democracy’. The name sounds warm and cozy, like something you’d probably be quite comfortable with in your town, right? Well it’s neither! The reading of this amendment is misleading to say the least. The plan has been tried in St. Pete and has been a complete disaster. It has resulted in lawsuits, mounting legal bills for taxpayers and a complete a standstill on development! Why? You ask. Citizens will be required to vote on each and every plan! Taxpayers will be responsible for all costs of ballot preparation, election administration, frequency timing and methods of the referenda. In other words it is unadulterated democracy! We have a representative form of government, if it’s intelligent and conservative, and far more efficient. Also, what is the percentage of voters turning out for our regular elections? Heaven forbid we should be required to vote on each and every local plan use or change in plans. Reference ‘the proposed plan or amendment shall be subject to the vote of the electors of the local government by referendum’....


Citizens would be required to vote on Everything!! Ours is a representative form of government. A democracy, this “Home Town Democracy” requires a vote on each and every plan item. Our founding fathers in their wisdom knew a republic was the most efficient method of governing our nation, heaven forbid we follow in St. Pete’s footsteps that would result in disaster for our local community.

The last line in this No. 4 Amendment is the most telling and so UNTRUE! : “The impact on state government expenditures will be INSIGNIFICANT.” Check the facts @ www.Florida2010.org

Beverly Baird