Undistorted truths 04-01-2011

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Letter to the editor by Joe O'Hara

The media news breeds confusion.

It’s becoming such an illusion.

It is a real shame,

the far-left’s to blame,

what they need is a Fox News transfusion.

Is it too much to ask for undistorted, unbiased stories when we open our newspapers or tune in to the news? When the media comments on or expresses an opinion on something, shouldn’t they be required to substantiate those comments and opinions? Do the media think we are so unsophisticated that they can manipulate the news to fit their own agendas?

The media are so in the bag for liberal tax-and-spend policies that they manipulate the news to fit those policies. But don’t take my word for it. Visit a liberal/far-left site (MSNBC.com, HuffingtonPost.com, NYTimes.com, TheBillPresShow.com, etc.) and observe for yourselves how the media are manipulating – or simple omitting - the news to further the liberal strategy. Unfortunately, as the Internet grows, the far-left adds more and more sites. Frightening, no? Fortunately, far-left sites – while growing in quantity – are becoming less and less credible – even with Independents and centrist-Democrats.

The Tea Party is the most influential force in getting America back on the path it was intended to be on: the patriotic one - not the socialist one:

Yet, rather than applauding the Tea Party’s efforts, the media repeatedly accuses Tea Partyers of being a bunch of ignorant, red-necked, racists. Naturally the media has never been able to substantiate these accusations.

The far-left revels in referring to Tea Partyers as a “Tea Baggers” – an offensive term having a perverted, sexual meaning. A Tea Partyer would never stoop to this level while describing a far-lefter.

During recent events in Wisconsin, 18 Republican state senators received e-mailed death threats. One senator had a note shoved under his door that read: “The only good Republican is a dead Republican.” However, you wouldn’t know this from the media – they completely ignored these stories. Their usual excuse for not running something is: This story is not newsworthy. Had a Tea Partyer said or done these things however, the stories would have been all over the media.

How can we counter these untruths, defamations, and omissions?

1. We can no longer trust our politicians to do the things they think are right for us. We must tell them the what the right things are. We control our government, not our politicians . . . or the media.

2. Become familiar with the current issues and how they will affect you. The more you know, the more power you have, and, the less influence the media has.

3. Learn how to read and listen “between the lines”. Eventually you will know when you are being bamboozled by the media and/or your politicians.

4. Ask God to give you the strength and resolve to help restore America. Remember, alone you are just one candle, but together you are many.

The first three steps seem overwhelming. At first they will be. Eventually, they will become like second nature. The fourth is the easiest . . . and the most powerful.

We live in a new America. We must control it and ensure that it remains a constitutionally-centered republic. If we don’t, we become nothing more than puppets whose strings are being manipulated by an uncaring government.

Joe O’Hara