U.N. treaties threaten our constitutional rights

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By Robert E. Beckner

Since it is two weeks before the next primaries in Texas and Ohio we have time to discuss a subject that is important to the welfare of our citizens and country. The American people are largely living in the dark when it comes to what Congress is doing behind closed doors.

This always shows up after the fact of a bill, treaty, etc., is already approved and signed, never giving the public a chance to offer an idea or opinion before the fact. Congress and the administration even lie to the public about our two current wars.

They claim the fanatical, radical Islam people hate Americans because of our freedoms or dislike of some individuals, such as President Bush. Actually it’s neither; it’s because of our country’s policies toward Muslim countries.

One such example is our trying to use Pakistan as a surrogate to fight our war against terrorists. It is not to Pakistan’s benefit to go after Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida followers in the northwestern mountains. Now they are getting a new government, so which way will they go? Regardless, it’s our dirty work that we should follow up on and finish.

Another thing the general public knows little about is years old. Some patriots have fought against it and still are but it could be voted on most anytime. It’s the U.N.’s “Law of the Sea Treaty,” which gives the United Nations control of some 70 percent of the world’s oceans, and all nations would pay taxes (tribute) to the U.N. for approval of each country’s ships and submarines to go only where the U.N. allows – this means our ships also. This treaty would also include mining the sea beds for minerals, etc.

Pay attention on this subject and all others to see how our congressmen vote. That’s why we have to clean house.

Democrats want this treaty and sadly, so do a few Republicans, including President Bush, Secretary of State Rice, and even some of our Navy brass.

More recently you surely remember how Congress tried to slip the “illegal immigration amnesty bill” by all of us but failed as some patriots were awake and when the public was told its content – it was defeated handily.

Other slick agenda the government is still trying to slip by us is the Texas Trans Corridor, aka the North American Union’s super highway. It’s part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), which would join America, Mexico and Canada, making us one big North American country.

It is still active in various forms all across America but calm at the moment, yet our administration still makes fun of it when confronted and flatly refuses to admit any of it.

You’ll be hearing more about property rights land grabs, known as the U.N.’s National Heritage bill. Another is the National Real ID Act that was actually passed more than two years ago, but unknown to very few, and now that it’s time to put it into service, several states (not Florida) are up in arms, filing suits trying to stop it.

All Americans would be required to obtain a new driver’s license, encoded with a lot of personal information. Without it you won’t be able to open a bank account, board an airplane or enter a federal building. Homeland Security has postponed it two years, so states will have time to implement it. Will it work?

I brought out all these “old” items in order to show you how our government does public business without telling hardly a soul. Now the U.N. again wants America to ratify its International Criminal Court treaty.

The ICC has defined as a war crime as an attack by our soldiers with knowledge of death or injuries to civilians, property or long-term natural environmental damage. This means literally any military action the U.N. doesn’t authorize can be construed to be a war crime, putting our soldiers in danger.

It would also be able to try any American citizen for violating literally any U.N. treaty. This ICC rejects our constitutionally guaranteed right to trial by jury, and foreign judges would oversee such trials.

Obviously, this ICC represents a great threat to our nation’s sovereignty and independence.

There is a strong effort under way to force the U.S. Senate to finally ratify the U.N. Criminal Court treaty and make the U.S. comply. You can thank President Bush because when he came to office he removed America’s signature to this treaty. Democrat Bill Clinton ,when he was President actually signed the treaty. This says a lot about the man.

We must somehow convince Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to not bring up this treaty for a vote in the Senate. It has been reported that the major mover of this drive is coming from dedicated globalists who are determined to force the U.S. into a “global village” controlled by the U.N.

They are being financed by the McArthur Foundation, who has stated they are willing to spend $100 million of their $6.4 billion in assets to see it accomplished. They are also collaborating with three other radical groups, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Carnegie Corporations and the Rockefeller Foundation, all known liberal groups.

How are they going to spend their money to accomplish their goal? Well they intend to buy votes of congressmen, buy ads on TV, radio and in newspapers, providing materials to be passed out to children in their classrooms to take home, and provide the funds to an army of activist organizations to bring pressure on Capital Hill. These people mean to have U.N. global governance and will stop at nothing to force such a policy on us.