Two years after Bush, same old bickering

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Letter to the editor by Bill Ford

By Bill Ford

It seems that no matter what party is in charge in Washington, they’re going to get hammered. In essence, they’ll be accused of about everything that’s not right. For example. Iraq wasn’t right under Bush now Afghanistan isn’t right under Obama. Well, you’re right neither one was/is right.

Terrorism can happen everywhere. Look at France for example, they are on terror alert. It’s not necessary to change the lives of people of other countries, to keep them from terrorizing our country. Terrorism will happen when another country wants to impose it’s will, values and Christian beliefs on that nation or group of people.

If you will look at the Middle East, we give more money to Israel than any country, but Egypt. We give Israel planes, guns, ammunition and our scientific discoveries for what, hoo, hoo, hoo, to keep them safe from the countries of Islam who, by the way, use rocks and antiquated weapons for their defense. I saw last night on TV where Israel is building a tunnel under the homes of Palestinians. Is that building peace and goodwill?

We need to get out of the business of imposing our will on other countries. Clear back to the Pilgrims, they were trying to Christianize the Indians. So you see, we as a people could be called elitists, but in that characterization, we are and have been causing the deaths of thousands of our own people. Combat soldiers, missionaries have no place on another countries’ soil. Having served during Korea, I know of what I speak.

There’s not one person running for Congress from either party who will make a difference in the international, political or military field. It boils down to the same old thing during an election, where candidates spend hundreds of millions of dollars bad mouthing each other but giving absolutely no substance as to what they can TRY to do if elected. If all of these people are as bad as projected, why are we going to vote for any of them, and there’s some bad ones out there.

It happens every 2 and 4 years, yata, yata, yata, by a bunch of putz’s.

Bill Ford