Trump rallies crowd in Ocala

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Republican candidate makes Wednesday visit

By Buster Thompson


Donald Trump worked to get his Florida supporters fired up as the presidential election draws just four weeks away.

Speaking Wednesday at the Southeastern Livestock Pavilion in Ocala in front of several thousand cheering supporters, the Republican presidential nominee finished up the last of his campaign rallies in the electoral battleground state.

Right away, Trump threw his political punches at his opponent and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and her excerpts of e-mails and private speeches released earlier in October by WikiLeaks.

Trump praised the hacking group for revealing how Clinton’s speeches to paying Wall Street bankers are hypocritical.

“To the public you say that, to the privately rich people you say that. ... It tells you her inner heart, you gotta read it,” Trump said.

Trump also pointed out Clinton’s e-mails released by WikiLeaks, including e-mails that said the U.S. State Department gave out aid contracts to the Clinton Foundation after Haiti’s crippling earthquake in 2010.

“To all those people in Haiti, justice is coming,” Trump said.

Trump claimed the U.S. Justice Department warned Clinton about WikiLeaks releasing her e-mails, “so they could prepare for it on the campaign.”

“This corruption and collusion is just one my reasons why I would ask my attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor,” Trump said about re-investigating Clinton’s alleged mishandling of classified emails on her personal server while secretary of state, for which she was not prosecuted.

“We have somebody who has committed a crime and they’re running for the presidency of the United States,” he added as the crowd chanted: “Lock her up! Lock her up!”

Trump attacked Clinton’s advocacy of “free trade,” claiming it would continue to take away jobs from U.S. workers and put them in the hands of China, Japan and Mexico.

He said his trade policy, which he did not elaborate on, would have nations getting less from a prospering United States.

“I’m not running to be president of the world, I’m running to be president of the United States of America,” he said.

Trump then critiqued Clinton’s “unlimited” immigration policy that he said would let in countless violent felons from Mexico.

“A Trump administration will secure borders,” he roared, followed by crowd chants of, “Build that wall! Build that wall!”

“We will 100 percent build that wall, and you know who’s going to pay for it? Mexico — they just don’t know it yet,” he said to cheers and applause.

He also commented on Clinton’s desire to have more Syrian refuges allowed in the U.S. as a devastating war ravages the Middle-Eastern country.

“She knows there’re trying to infiltrate,” he said about terrorists using refugee pathways to get into western countries. “I’m going to keep radial Islamic terrorism the hell out of our country.”

Trump did not bring up his lewd comments he unknowingly made on a hot mic 11 years ago on “Access Hollywood,” nor did he mention accusations against former President Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual abuse victims.

Trump did make numerous claims of how unfair the media is against him, while working to make Clinton president.

“The media is essentially an extension of the Clinton campaign. Without the media and the press, she’d be nothing,” he said, as some in the crowd booed members of the press, who were corralled in the center of the pavilion.

Trump also mentioned House Speaker Paul Ryan’s and other Republicans’ lack of support for him after his performance during Sundays presidential debate, which “was a total destruction” of Clinton.

“Did we beat her or what?” he said. “Wouldn’t you think that Paul Ryan would call and say, ‘great going?’”