A true citizen army

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Letter to the editor by L.P. Miller

I found these statistics on the Internet and had to laugh.  The number of licences issued  to hunters in just a few of the  states is staggering.

Opening day of hunting season 2010 the state of Wisconsin had 600,000 armed men with their rifles in the woods, and yet  no one  was killed.  750,000 hunted the woods of Pennsylvania, 700,000 were roaming the woods of Michigan, again no fatalities.  250.000 licences were issued for the State of West  Virginia.  These four States alone comprise one of the largest armies in the world.

Hunting is no longer a sport to fill a freezer, but has become a matter of national security from foreign and domestic invasion.

If you are not a gun person, you may need to consider the above facts when thinking about gun control.

The large number of rifles in the United States are the sole reason we were not invaded by the Japanese during World War II. For this reason alone, the U.S. citizen needs to keep our guns and to continue to fight to keep our second amendment rights as our forefathers laid out in our Constitution.

L.P. Miller

Ocala Water WayEstates