Transparency in Pine Run

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

Last week we complained about the lack of openness in the federal process concerning a complaint filed against a sheriff’s candidate.
Today we go to the opposite end of the spectrum, a comment on how one local community is being very open about the candidates for its homeowners’ group.
Elsewhere in today’s edition, we are carrying a story about the upcoming election in Pine Run. Nearly all the candidates supplied the writer a written statement about their background and reasons for running. The residents of Pine Run can read this story and find out where the hopefuls stand on the issues.
It’s nice to see this transparency and openness on the part of the candidates and the Pine Run community. Other areas, we’re sure, get the word out within their communities about candidates for spots on their board, but rarely does a detailed report such as this one become available for all residents of the Corridor to examine.
There are currently many battles being waged across the state with homeowners associations battling residents, some right here in Marion County. Openness and honesty with the homeowners generally puts controversies such as that to rest.
We praise the people of Pine Run for making themselves available as candidates and for making their backgrounds public for all to see. Now all that remains is for the residents to cast their vote on April 10. We have a feeling the turnout will be pretty good.

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