Too much debt, too many checks

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By Robert E. Beckner

As indicated last week, today, you’ll find some additional pieces for the puzzle of what the current arrogant administration is achieving in their efforts to destroy our America. Simply put, America is staggering under the weight of trade deficits, too much domestic debt and a Congress and a White House that is continuing to write checks on the public’s checkbook.

Out of all those 555 members of the Senate and House of Representatives, not one of them, from either party, male or female, will stand up and say to that one man who has so mesmerized the politicians, as well as a lot of the American public, “Stop it – no more will you have everything you demand to totally control the banks, insurance companies, Wall Street, our automotive industry and any and every other privately owned business.”

The politicians are all afraid they will fall out of favor the president and lose their chairmanships of some committee or perhaps not have his support when they run for office in 2010. The business owners are so scared of the president, they all curl up in the fetal position afraid to move in fear the government will come in and take their business over, or even take it away from them. Plain old fear is what the president has projected and in a short four months it has taken hold – where are our American heros? Are they in the recent T-parties who came to life on April 15, 2009? We hear they are compiling a database and communicating with as many of the T-parties scattered across the country. Let’s hope there is a leader in that group that will step up and take control of not only this group but the Republican Party also, who badly need a true spokesperson.

Back to the problems created by the president and his handpicked failures, we can clearly see continued unemployment for months to come; it’s up to nine percent now and will head on up to 10 percent.

The subject of closing Guantanamo Bay still is making news with over 60 percent of American not wanting it closed and just today, we learn of at least three legal opinions have come out, all saying it,s “illegal” to bring those terrorists to American prisons.

I believe the real reason the administration wants them in our country is because they know activist judges would find legal reasons or make some up to release the terrorists in America from civilian courts because our troops did not collect evidence as called for in the Constitution, amendments four, five and six, never expecting to need it for terrorist convictions. They are not needed in military trials. Terrorists are really not entitled to any trials. They are to be held until the end of the conflict.

Our fearless president recently stated he wants to meet with Russians in an effort to put in a new nuclear test ban when Russia’s total nukes are already 2 ½ times the number of ours. The next day, North Korea sets off an underground nuclear test in violation of a previous agreement plus they fire off six new missiles in two days. More and more countries are now members of the nuclear club, China, Pakistan, India, North Korea and soon Iran. On TV on June 1, 2009, our president, on the eve of his Mid-East trip, some call it another “apology tour” to the Muslims and Europeans said that he feels the Iranians have a right to “nuclear energy.” The president feels we should set the example as a new “friend” to the world – he’ll win them over with his personality, he feels.

In 2010, all the new taxes proposed by the president will begin to show up and that’s when our citizens will finally see what they voted into office. The newest tax being considered is a National Sales Tax, better known in Canada and Europe as the VAT tax (value added) the government likes it because the public doesn’t see it. The 10 percent or so tax is added at each step from production to sales to the public. It adds on about 30 percent to “every” item purchased. Speaking of people already fed up with too many taxes, it has been discussed on TV shows that some people are thinking of not paying their income taxes as a way to show their displeasure. People called in and sent e-mails to the effect that they were willing as they put it, “to accept the pain and go to prison for failure to pay their taxes”. I think someone read what the famous Indian leader, Gandhi, once said, “the quickest way to overthrow a government is to stop paying taxes!” If that becomes a reality, they will find our prison system 36 percent overfilled. If the government would decide to put the tax protesters in jail, they might have the idea to put them in the “preventive detention” camps that was written about last week. This would cost the government over $30 billion a year. If regular prisons were used, the cost would be $100 billion a year.

The major media continues to be enraptured by the president, in spite of his filling his administration with dozens of liberal activists, many of who have been associated with left-wing policies and organizations. They show a frightening glimpse of the far-left,s goals – mounting an assault on the principle of capitalism and free markets, to transform America into a “collectivist nation.”  These radicals run Obamaland. In the coming next three years plus we have a number of things to fear, such as:

Energy – his “cap and trade” plan will mean high energy bills for all Americans. Inflation –  with the government printing presses covering trillions in deficits, we can expect inflation to come roaring back before we know it.

Health care — it has already started with the passage of SCHIP. Look for everything changing in trying to get a doctor’s appointment, treatment and drugs and if you are getting old, you will be the first to feel the pain of being discarded.

Foreign policy — he is caving on missile defense, cutting our air strength and dismantling our intelligence department, reducing our Armed Forces, to the point we now rely on foreign countries for our overseas intelligence!

Homeland security — is in  sad shape under Janet Napolitano. Our borders, airports and seaports are just plain not guarded.

Not openly talked about yet is the upcoming massive amnesty plan for illegals, a priority for the president and Napolitano, headed by Senator Chuck Schumer, D-NY.

Our Patriot Act and the Fairness Doctrine are back in the mix and will be hot topics to stir the pot. A new attack that is now happening and not disclosed to the public is called the international computer espionage and cyber attacks, AKA “Cyber War”. It comes in many ways; perhaps the worst is a “bomb” or “electronic pulse” from radio energy so strong it fries electronics equipment. It shuts down communication and navigation equipment for many miles. No police radios, computers, cell telephones, etc.; a real weapon of “mass disruption.”

The new Supreme Court nominee, Sonia Sotomayor, will be in the news for the next three months or so – should be interesting to see how the Republicans handle her. We can’t forget the “illegal acts” already committed by the president regarding GM and Chrysler and their bankruptcies. Someone has got to bring it up!

This will be an interesting summer — more coming.

Robert E. Beckner lives in Majestic Oaks with his wife, Sarah. He is a retired private investigator and insurance adjuster. He has also been a photographer and served with the Military Police in the Marine Corps.