Title X: Taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood

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Guest column by Mabel Ryan

The  U.S.  government  refers  to  “Title  X  Funding”  as  the  sole “federal program devoted entirely  to  ‘family planning’.”    “Family  Planning” is  the euphemism  used  as a vague expression  in  place of  the  direct  meaning  of  Title  X  which is   the funding of  abortion. 

In  Florida,  for  the year  2008  (the latest  report  available)   194  “family planning  centers” received  funds  from  Title X.  

Supporters  of  Title X funding try to  justify  the  reported  $363  million  ($1 million per day)  annual  Planned  Parenthood federal  government  funding  as   delivering  services  other  than  abortion.   The  facts  according to all   reports are that   96 percent   of  PP  services  are  for abortions  --    only  4 percent  of all  other services offered  are  for  services  other  than  abortion.    This  4 percent  includes  contraceptive  services, Pap tests, and treating sexually transmitted  disease.    The claim  of  PP’s   free  mammograph  screening for  breast  cancer  has been  discredited   by  the  PP  clinics themselves  when they   were  asked for this free service  and   the callers  were told  it  was not  available. 

Of the  amount  of  annual  income reported  by  PP,   33 percent  comes from government  grants,  including state as well as   the  $363  million  federal funding  cited above,   28 percent from private donations,  and the balance  from abortion  according to  PP  reports.    However  at this time,  the total amount  of  Title X funds donated  to PP  by the federal government cannot  be established  because of  differing  systematic  recording  of  funds.  For example,  the  U.S.  Government Accountability Office  (GAO)   records it in different areas  and using  different  methods.  Even GAO admits that  government funding of  abortion is closer  to  72 percent of  PP income, meaning that PP total income is greater than they report.      The total  amount  of  out-of-control funding of abortion is  not available to the public because of  tricky  bookkeeping procedures.   No one knows how much federal income the abortion giant  receives,  because no one knows their correct total income. 

Nationwide  PP has  865  operating centers  all  involved in abortion.  Shuffling of real estate,  that is,  for business reasons, consolidating smaller facilities   and combining them into mega centers,  has mistakenly caused some  pro-life organizations to report that  PP is shrinking, but that  is not  the case.  For the past two years abortions performed by Planned Parenthood has increased by 6.1 percent each of those two years.  

PP  total  staff  in  the USA  numbers at  33,000  --  math shows an average of 38 employees per operating center.    They  have an  active  research division  involved  in  researching  advances in abortion service delivery.  At present,  there are  80  such  research  programs  under way.  No wonder   PP is   performing an average of 910  abortions  per day  every day of the year  --   they have the most advanced  abortion  methods,  and  are  seeking  even greater  ability to  increase abortions in the future. 

When the legality and  wisdom of the  decision  to make  abortion legal, known  as the  Roe versus Wade  decision,  is questioned,  we  are told  that “abortion is not the business of government -  a woman’s  decision is what matters.”       Then  why is abortion being funded  by  taxpayer  dollars?

Congress has the power  to defund  Planned  Parenthood.   They included  this defunding in the recent  2011 budget bill submitted to  Obama.   When  Obama threatened to  veto  the budget unless PP  funding  was  included,    our Congress  surrendered  to this  threat  and  removed  the PP   defunding.  Obama was willing to  veto  this bill,  which included  funding  for  our  military personnel,  in  order  to  fund  abortion.  He  considered  PP  funding more  important than  the lives  and well-being of  our  soldiers,  and the Congress  let  him get away  with this immoral decision.    Small wonder  that  PP  hierarchy  credits  Obama’s  election  for  the inspiration and promotion  of  abortion. 

“Quid  pro quo”  ---  Latin meaning something traded for something of value   ---   in American lingo it is also  known as   “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch  yours.”   

Planned Parenthood is chartered  as  a nonprofit  organization   ---  an absurdity all by itself.   Then we have  unknown  millions  of  taxpayer  dollars given  by Washington  politicians  to  this organization  as  outright  gifts.   Now enters  “quid  pro quo”    ----    the same politicians who approve this  funding,  and   keep  these   gifts  going  to  PP,   receive  campaign  donations totaling  in  the millions  every  election  cycle.  In  addition,  PP  throws  its  considerable  influence  into  keeping  these  rascals  in office. 

The failure to defund  PP  is  on  the  heads of  the Congress   --   they could have stopped  this funding  a long time ago.    The pro-choice  members have overridden  the so-called  pro-life members  in keeping this funding alive.    Congress men and women who call themselves  pro-life  have  been wimpish  and  have failed  to successfully  call  out  the pro-aborts on this  immoral activity.     In addition,   the pro-life community  has failed  in its efforts  to insist  and  apply  pressure  in  the right places  to stop this  battle against  human  life. 

There is  plenty  of blame to be placed  on  each  group,  pro-life as well  as  pro-abortion groups.    None of us  have anything   to be  proud of  in  this contest  of  life  versus  death. 

Mabel   Ryan is president of Life  Education Ministry,  Inc.