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By Maria Devine

What’s better than a Chihuahua? Why two Chihuahuas, of course. Check out the pictures of the adorable black and white smoothie George and his redheaded long-haired gal pal Ditto.

George will sit with you on the couch while you watch TV and brush Ditto’s coat (no, not George – you). At about 5 or 6 years old, they are the most congenial of friends and have lived together all their lives. If possible, they would like to be adopted together. They come from a loving home but were left behind when their family had to move and couldn’t take them along. They belong to that special breed of Chihuahua called the mellow Chihuahua. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. No hissy fits here when it’s bath time, or nail clipping time, or heartworm pill time – well, you get the picture. If you love the look and size of this tiny breed but prefer the soul of a Golden Retriever, give Dot a call at 352-465-0942 so you can see for yourself what wonderful creatures they are.

Not so lucky in life so far is Emma, a sweet and playful young girl about a year old. Possibly a Jack Russell mix, she is all white except for a brown patch by her eye and a matching one when she turns around, by her butt. Clocking in at a moderate 33 lbs., she’s a just right size for those of you who want your canine companions neither too big nor too small. A Good Samaritan found Emma wandering near her property, starving and flea infested. This good hearted person took her in, fed and bathed her, but cannot keep her. Though a bit shy, Emma has already been taught house manners — such as not to jump on company, and not to charge through open doors —all in a very short time. She is also good with the resident cat. She’s a smart girl who will love you forever if you can give her a new home. Would you like to be the one to turn Emma’s fortunes around? Then please call the SPCA at 352-362-0985.

Petco Adoption Fair

Where can you see a large burly blonde Goldendoodle and a tiny elegant silver toy Poodle going toe to toe (and nose to butt) in greeting? How about a pet look- a- like contest, the ever popular obedience demonstration, seminars on how to choose your forever pet and how to walk him? Why at the first annual Petco Adoption Fair, held on Saturday, June 27, at the new Petco in Berkshire Oaks off of S.R. 200. All humans and their leashed companions were welcome.

The fair was also a showcase for adoptable pets from area rescue organizations including the SPCA of Marion County, Feisty Acres Cat Rescue in Williston, Pet Network in Morriston, and the Gainesville Rabbit Rescue. These organizations also gave out brochures and collected donations. The SPCA couldn’t be happier because we came with a loveable Pekingese (Mike) and Shepherd mix (Sheba) in tow, and by the end of the day they were both adopted into their forever homes by some special people. Anyone interested in helping out the SPCA with a donation of any amount can send it to The SPCA of Marion County, Inc., 8501B S.W. 93rd Lane, Ocala, FL 34481. Our organization is only kept afloat by donations from the community we serve, and we are running low. To those of you who took foster applications, we would love to hear from you. Without foster caregivers, pets down on their luck like Mike and Sheba were would not have had a chance to be adopted at the fair. Thank you Petco and all who came out to see and support us. It was a special day.

Neuter Commuter

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for Wednesday, July 29. That’s the day the Neuter Commuter will be at Steeplechase Plaza (the closed Publix) off S.R. 200. You must call 352-307-1351 for an appointment and instructions and to see if openings are still available if you want to spay or neuter your pet. It’s a great deal: $25 gets your pet a spay/neuter, microchip, rabies vaccine and license. Please note that there is a 79-pound. weight limit for the surgery because of the size of the bus. If your pet just needs a rabies shot ($7) and license ($3) only, you can show up without an appointment between 2 to 3 p.m. for this service.

Pet Identification

We can’t stress enough that most pets end up lost or in shelters because of lack of identification, be it tags or microchip. You can call Animal Control at 671-8727 to get your pet microchipped for $5.. They are located at 5701 S.E. 66th Street off of Baseline Road. Of course, your veterinarian can do this procedure also. Tags are easily and inexpensively available at Petco or Wal-Mart. Just ask when you walk into the store and they will show you what to do. In about five minutes you walk out with a tag of your choice with identifying information of one to four lines on it. If the SPCA had a dollar for every lost pet we have found whose owner said they never would get out of the house or leave their yard, we would be so rich we wouldn’t have to ask for any more donations. We know you love your pet, just love him or her enough to keep him safe.

SPCA Summer

If you have questions or need our services, please call 362-0985. While there are no meetings in July and August, the SPCA will still be busy placing pets that need homes, helping needy families with pet medical care, packing food for the Pets on Wheels program, and writing about pets in need and other topics in the Citizen. When we meet again in the Fall, we will be planning some special fundraisers and we will let you know the tail wagging details at that time.

Till next month remember: “Pets are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.”