Thanks for party of no

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Thanks for party of ‘no’

By D.I. Larson

Thank you Lord. Thank you for the party of “no.”

The wheelbarrow I purchased to take all the super inflated money to the grocery to purchase a loaf of bread, is thankfully still in the corner gathering cobwebs.

If the party of “no” fails to regain control of this nation, I shudder to think of the consequences.

With investments paying less than 2 percent now, what will happen in six years when the party of “yes” prints even more Monopoly money?

Perhaps, we will be paying banks 2 percent, or more to take our money.

If it is worthless, not even banks will want it.

Several acquaintances have lived through the Hitler, and the Russian nightmares. Ask them how much they looking forward to the coming super-inflation, being instituted by the party of “yes.”

Should they prepare to flee once more? Where to? China?

Why can’t we learn from history? Dumb humans.

What is the solution to government abuse?

In America: Congressional “babysitters.” Citizen volunteers must monitor what their representatives are doing, and report back to citizens.

Governments cannot be trusted. The days of apathy are over.

The good life costs. Freedom costs. We neglect government oversight at our peril.

D.I. Larson