Tea Party response 02-11-2011

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Letter to the editor by Joseph Paterek

In a letter of Feb. 4 to theSouth Marion Citizen, the writer criticizes the Tea Party as a “mainly” white or “all white” organization with a small minority representation, perhaps forgetting that a minority would, by definition, be small. Additionally, the Tea Party continually invites all minorities to join and participate in the movement. If he had attended any of our meetings in Ocala, he would have seen that all citizens are indeed welcome, regardless of minority status.

Moreover, Tea Party Solutions in Ocala has supported minority candidates for public office at all levels of government, many of whom have appeared at meetings to speak and participate in Q & A sessions.

He goes on to condemn the entire Tea Party movement by implication with his mention of persons displaying placards depicting the president as Hitler and claiming he was not born in the U.S. Isolated incidents such as this have been reported in the major news media to be a common street tactic used by infiltrators, as they maneuver in front of the TV cameras, to demean and discredit the movement. Apparently unaware of this, the letter writer assumes that anyone engaging in that sort of aberrant behavior must be a “follower” of the Tea Party. He further suggests that the Tea Party should “control” these acts of free expression.

It is likely that the letter writer also knows the Tea Party is in favor of health care reform but is vehemently against the plan known as “ObamaCare,” which was recently passed into law. This law is unjust, unaffordable, and unconstitutional, as clearly shown in Federal District Court decisions, including the recent ruling by Florida Federal District Court Judge Roger Vinson in which ObamaCare was legally declared unconstitutional in its entirety. The government’s inept handling of Social Security and Medicare is powerful indication of how it would run a massive nationalized health care program that would put the government in control of six percent of our economy.

Everyone knows that the Social Security Trust Fund is nothing but a box of IOU’s after 50 years of pilfering by our trusted representatives in Washington. To make matters worse, they recently extracted 500 billion dollars from the fraud-ridden Medicare program to finance vote-buying stimulus grants and other pet projects. Sadly, Americans invested in these programs all through their working lives by mandatory deductions from their paychecks under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA).

The lifting of federal regulations on financial institutions caused the likes of Senator Chris Dodd and Congressman Barney Frank to take full advantage through their system of “creative mortgages” where they convinced banks to grant untenable mortgages, eventually transferring the bad debt onto the backs of the taxpayers through Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. According to the letter writer, we are also to believe that America’s financial chaos was caused by the greed of only one percent of the richest people in the country, while he ignores the fact that greed exists at all economic levels. His other suppositions concerning trade unions have no basis in what is known.

Finally, he makes the farcical assertion that the Tea Party movement is financially supported by a couple of billionaires. At the start of Tea Party meetings in Ocala there is a man who passes around a small wire basket, asking for any donations the attendees can make, barely producing enough funds to pay the rent and other basic expenses.

If he would be so kind, we ask that the letter writer send his billionaire philanthropists here to Ocala . . . we could sure use the money.

Joseph Paterek