The Tea Party 01-28-2011

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Letter to the editor by Wayne Rackley

  Why would anyone be interested in joining the Tea Party movement? What type people join the Tea Party? Can we make a difference? The answers are simple: The great majority of Americans do not like the socialistic or worse direction our country is taking. It seems we have forgotten about individual responsibility, States’ rights, and our Constitution. Pure Economics 101 points out the need to live within our budget as a nation, just like we have to as individuals and families. We don’t believe in passing down debt to our descendants that will be impossible to pay thus destroying the value of our property and currency. These are problems all of us face without regard to political party. A bankrupt nation can’t survive!

 Look at the national gatherings the Tea Party has been involved with and you witness the “Who?” in who we are. Peaceful, respectful, patriotic and clean (we clean up our trash) are words describing the attendees. Come to local meetings and you will see for yourself. We know our America isn’t perfect, but it’s the greatest nation in the world and we intend to keep it that way, not “transform” us into something else. We believe we were founded as a Godly nation that worships God, who is our creator, and we thank him for the rich blessings he has bestowed on us.

As evidenced by the last election, we are making a difference nationwide and will continue to put pressure on any of either party who don’t believe in our constitutional form of government, and getting spending under control. We believe in our rights of free speech, to own a gun and for a fair trial. Our basic “rights” come from God, not from government. Big government has never been the answer and never will. Hope to see you at the next Tea Party meeting.

God bless.


Wayne Rackley