The Taxman and Ye Merrily Goeth

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By Bill Koch, editor

By Bill Koch

Ah, may we now breathe a collective sigh of relief? With the passing Monday of tax day 2019, can we rest easy?

Alas, we are no longer compelled to fret over making tax preparations. It’s done – for most of us.

Many of us may have filed our taxes long before the April 15 deadline. Nearly a quarter of taxpayers wait until the last two weeks to file their taxes, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

What would motivate those late, high-adventure filers? Two words maybe: procrastination or loathing (of the IRS).

In a sense, tax day brings 2018 to an official end. We may now leave any remnants of the old year behind us for good. The New Year, in all its usual grandeur, is now strangely upon us. Here we are, finally situated firmly in 2019.

With irony, we have also stepped into the fuller blossom of spring. Although spring may have sprung nearly four weeks ago (March 20), the season offers newness of metaphoric life. Isn’t that what the New Year is supposed to represent?

Can we celebrate? After all, the weather is changing. (That’s good, right?) Our tax obligations are behind us. And we’ll soon enter the hot and hardy splendor of summer.

So, you may wonder, what’s my point and where am I going with this here piece of prose?

I am attempting to rouse us back to our esoteric beginnings, that distant vow we may have made one late Dec. 31 evening to celebrate life, love and experience.

While we may all reluctantly tolerate life’s inevitable trials and turbulence, we are presented daily – and seasonally – with the opportunity to discover why life reverberates with quiet, deep rhythms of joy. We must only find cause to explore the treasures that lay hidden within the recesses of our deeper natures – if only we’d look.

OK. This time it’s about the tax filing deadline being past. And yes. It’s about spring being upon us and summer laying ahead.

What about you? What are you prepared to celebrate today? What bright sky can you find in the midst of your clouds? Where are the good things in your life?

Life, ultimately, should arise from that sometimes counterintuitive compulsion to revel. So, if you can muster the effort, rejoice within your own journey. It’s one investment that guarantees to pay dividends.