Sustainable development 01-21-2011

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Letter to the editor by D.I. Larson

Sustainable Development is a premiere United Nations issue.

It encompasses Agenda 21. If you want to become acquainted with its extremes take a look at the Zeitgeist Movement.  A check of the video “Fly Over Europe” slide #9, Copenhagen will give you a picture of sustainable development in action. The sustainable community right before your eyes.

Sustainability is a global issue promoted, and implemented by the UN.

They constantly hold conferences to further this agenda. Of course our dues money is helping to push the agenda along. We are building our own prison.

The only bright spot is that some of us will expire before sustainability is fully implemented. However, it is an itch right now. Just had to stock up on the light bulbs I use {lifetime supply}, as they will no longer be manufactured.

Instead of a washer repair, had to buy now to get the washer I wanted.

Not some idiotic sustainable gadget. Just because a claim is made that new is better, does not make it so. Do you believe everything you are told?

Wake up, and smell the UN coffee. It is brewing up controls for every aspect of life. They frame it in nicey, nicey language to explain their means to control us. Do not buy it. Do your homework. Do not be a dupe.

Look up UN Sustainability, and Agenda 21. Is this the world you want to live in? Do your homework before you leap, or believe anything you are told. Sounds good, jump right in. Splash!!!!!!!!!  WOW! Not what I expected. TOOOOOOO late.

D. I. Larson