The Supremes

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Letter to the editor by Jerry Segovis

By Jerry Segovis

Do you remember way back when the Good Supremes were one of the greatest female singing groups of all times. Their stage presence and singing arrangements were a wonder to watch and listen to.

The Bad Supremes are the group of black-robed elitists who work in Washington, D.C., and give opinions that set the law of the land. The Bad Supremes have recently decided that political donations may be given to candidates in secret from corporations, millionaires, and yes, even foreign countries.

I cannot remember when big money had more of an impact on local and national elections affecting our country the way that they do today. It seems that real democracy has been lost in our country but we still keep telling the rest of the world that our type of government is the best for the people.

We can no longer make these statements since the Bad Supremes have allowed the takeover of America with this decision, which allows those with the most money to buy these political offices. I used to think that a democracy was good for the majority of voters and our country but now I can see that a handful of black-robed deciders have taken the good America away and left us with one bought and paid for with corporate and, yes, even foreign money.

Please bring back the Good Supremes so that we may have good music and good government decisions.

Jerry Segovis