String of burglaries reported

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By The Staff

Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to investigate a string of burglaries, most of unlocked vehicles, during the past week.

3 On June 10, a resident of S.W.116th Place noticed a friend’s motorcycle trailer was gone from his backyard, according to a sheriff’s report. The 2002 trailer was valued at $900.

3 Sometime between 9 p.m. on June 10 and 7 a.m. on June 11, a 1999 Toyota Camry was burglarized in Prince Rose Estates. When the woman got into her unlocked car, she discovered it had been rummaged through and her wallet was missing, which contained her identification, driver’s license and paperwork, according to a sheriff’s report.

3 On June 12, a Woods and Meadows resident went to get her purse from her 2005 Pontiac and discovered it was gone, according to a sheriff’s report. The items inside the handbag include two social security cards, a driver’s license and a credit card, among other items.

The woman said she believed the vehicle had been left unlocked overnight.

3 When a Whispering Pines man discovered his GPS unit was missing from his vehicle, he called his daughter-in-law to see if she had borrowed it. She had not. After the phone call, she decided to check her vehicle too.

When the woman, who also lives in the neighborhood, checked her truck on June 14, she found it in disarray with papers thrown about, according to a sheriff’s report. She also discovered her Apple Ipod and cup full of change was missing.

3 In the meantime, a neighbor of the father-in law’s on S.W. 108th Street reported to the sheriff’s deputy he too has been robbed. A Cobra radar detector, a Craftsman tool and approximately $20 in change had been stolen from his 2006 silver Chevrolet, according to a sheriff’s report. The radar and tool were valued at $195.

The man reported he made sure the vehicle was locked the night before, according to a sheriff’s report.

3 On June 15, a resident of S.W. 69th Terrace discovered his Tom Tom GPS unit had been stolen from his unlocked 2007 Dodge truck, according to a sheriff’s report. The device was valued at $230.

3 An Escort radar detector and Truetech portable DVD player was reported stolen by a resident of S.W. 61st Court on June 15, according to a sheriff’s report. The items were stolen from an unlocked 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer and were valued at $230.

3 In Kingsland Estates on June 16, a man reported a Sig Sauer handgun and Springfield gun were stolen from the glove box of his 2000 Mercury and 2006 red Toyota, according to a sheriff’s report. A Garmin GPS system had also been taken.

The resident was not sure whether the vehicle doors were left unlocked.

Shopper helps herself

In self-help lane

On June 17, a loss prevention employee with the Walmart Supercenter noticed a shopper in the self-checkout lane loading items into a bag without scanning them, according to a sheriff’s report.

Cheryl Pfeifer, 44, of Ocala, was arrested and charged with petty retail theft. She received a notice to appear in court.

She was seen stacking numerous items on top on each other and scanning only the bottom item, the incident report said.

After she paid for the merchandise she did scan, the customer attempted to leave the store with $173 worth of unpaid items. She was stopped.