Store clerks should be alert

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

By The Staff

When we talk about preventing scams, there is one segment of the community that usually doesn’t receive any publicity.

It’s the bank teller or store clerk that gives an elderly person a bunch of money or enables them to wire thousands of dollars in cash overseas.

Some might feel that it’s an intrusion on privacy, but we would urge all cashiers and tellers to politely ask questions when someone elderly suddenly withdraws a large amount of cash, or shows up at a store’s customer service counter with that cash to wire overseas.

A simple bit of conversation could show a clerk whether the person is possibly being scammed. The clerk, if suspicious, could then notify a supervisor who could make sure that the person knows what they are doing and to whom they are sending the money.

If the customer gets annoyed or irate, then there’s nothing that can be done. But at least the clerk tried to stop a theft.

If it turns out that it is a scam, and it is discovered before any money is sent, well, that clerk is a hero.

So store managers, keep your clerks alert. You may help save the life savings of one of your customers.