A S.R. 200 road shopping spree

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By The Staff

When a loss prevention officer at Bealls department store first noticed four women in the parking lot on Jan. 27, they were emptying several handbags into the trunk of a white Lincoln. He watched as the shoppers came into the store separately and walked around carrying handbags that appeared to be empty, according to a sheriff’s report.

Some of the women went into a fitting room and their bags appeared to be full when they came ou. Empty hangers were also found in the dressing room but the shoppers managed to pass checkout points and left the store.

While a Marion County Sheriff’s deputy was responding to Bealls about the incident, he canvassed the area looking for the suspects’ car and spotted it in the Big Lots parking lot. The deputy talked with the women and they admitted to being at Bealls.

The loss prevention employee came to the Big Lots parking lot and identified the women as the customers who had been in Bealls. The car was searched and several pieces of the department store’s clothing, about $274 worth, were found.

But there were more unaccounted for things in the car’s trunk. It was determined that $528 worth of clothing and household items belonged to the Walmart Supercenter on S.R. 200.

Amy R. Hope, 46, of Citra, and Karlyn R. Zanders, 20 of Ocala, were arrested and charged with grand retail theft, petty retail theft and were given trespass warnings from both retailers. They were taken to the Marion County Jail.

Two juvenile girls were also arrested and charged with petty retail theft and grand theft, given trespass warnings from both stores, and taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center.

Teen forgets to pay

for memory cards

On Jan. 24, a loss prevention employee at the Walmart Supercenter noticed a shopper pick up two Playstation battery memory card kits, go to the toy department and put the cards into his jacket, according to a sheriff’s report.

The employee followed the boy and two other teens into the restroom and heard the sound of packaging being ripped open. The teenage suspect left the bathroom, passed all checkout points and headed out the door.

The 17-year-old boy was arrested and charged with petty retail theft and was taken to the Juvenile Assessment Center.

Woman arrested for

petty theft at Bealls

A Bealls shopper choose more than a dozen items on Jan. 26 and took them into the ladies fitting room, according to a sheriff’s report. When she came out, some of the merchandise appeared to be missing and loss prevention employee suspected the items were in a bag.

She walked out the door but, the employee stopped her in the parking lot.

Two shirts were recovered, which were valued at $30. Brittany Nicholle Gainey, 22, of Ocala, was arrested and charged with petty retail theft, and given a notice to appear in court.