Spruce Creek North: The summer may be slow, but the pool is busy

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By Jan Liberio

In 1989, Kay Seagraves led an exercise class in the pool at Spruce Creek North.

Activities are slow for summer but the pool is the exception.

Father’s Day is this Sunday so it’s their day to be honored. So to all the dads and granddads, have a wonderful day.

 It is also the first day of summer. Gosh! I thought summer was here weeks ago!

Blast from the Past #2

Well, another Blast from the Past is featured in my column this week. The enclosed article was written 20 years ago. It seems like the gals have enjoyed our beautiful pool for many years.

 The article from 1989 is as follows:

“Kay’s Aquacize Class

 The slimmer and trimmer set meet poolside at 9:30 Monday and Thursday for an hour of vigorous exercise in the water. This includes workouts with beach balls, water weights and also plastic jugs to help stay afloat.

 The workout may be serious, but the group seem to do a lot of laughing.

It’s not only a great way to lose inches but a time to be with your Spruce Creek neighbors.

 This is hard work, though, and at the end of an hour, everyone feels tired but fit, and ready for a rest. It is a great way to lose weight, although one lady confided to this interviewer that it made her very hungry and she could hardly wait to go home to eat! Oh well, a great time is still had by all.

Kay Seagraves, the instructor does a fine job. She welcomes one and all to join the fun.”

Craft Club News

The Craft club has shut down for the summer months and will resume in the fall. Marlene Dorner will let us know when they resume.

No news from the Quilt Club.

Floor exercise

Indoor floor exercise has also shut down until the fall and will resume when the cool weather arrives. But the pool exercises are in full force.

Mah Jongg Birthday Girl

Charlotte Berrent, the chairperson for the Mah Jongg group, is celebrating a birthday on June 26th. We all wish her a wonderful birthday and many thanks go to her for all the years she has donated her time to lead the Mah Jongg ladies. Happy Birthday Charlotte!!


 Does anyone out there have any summer salad recipes to share? The summers are too hot to cook big meals every day, so please send some recipes to JnLiber@aol.com


Looks like the snowbirds, or most of them, have headed north for the summer. Well unless you go far north, cities like New York and Chicago can still be pretty hot. (Canada might be cooler).

Well, my hubby and I will just stay here in Spruce Creek North and enjoy the hot summer.

Dog Walkers

One of my readers e-mailed me and wanted to know what to do with people that walk their dogs and have them use all the other neighbors’ yards for their dog’s personal bathrooms. He said they think because they have a bag and pick up the mess that it is okay. Most communities have informed dog walkers to not let the animals go on anyone’s property. I am not sure what to tell the man who e-mailed me and not sure where he lives but let’s hope the residents of Spruce Creek North know the rules and abide by them.

 Water exercise

Water exercise is well under way and the ladies are getting back in shape plus having a good time as well. Don’t forget Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9 am. Sorry folks, residents only.

 Again I say Happy Fathers Day! See you in two weeks!

Jan Liberio resides in Spruce Creek North with her hubby, Jim. Please drop news in her mailbox at the Clubhouse or e-mail her at JnLiber@aol.com.