Spruce Creek North 4-6-2012

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Board members are this month's feature

By Jan Liberio

I guess our winter is over. What winter? Hasn’t this been beautiful weather? Boy! Are we going to be spoiled! But we are “tough” and we will brave the on coming hot summer. After all that is what Florida is all about.

 Feature of the month

The Board of Directors of Spruce Creek North are a very dedicated group of people hoping to make the community a wonderful place in which to live.
They are the feature for this column. Their photos are shown at the bottom right.
 Norm Simard has been the president for going on seven years. Norm was born in New Hampshire. He and his wife Marge moved to SCN in 1999.
Cindy Hutchins has been vice president for six years. She was born in Maine and she and her hubby Bill retired here in 1996.
Audrey Martin has been secretary for five years and was born in New York
She and her husband Russell moved here in 1987.
Bill Jungers is the new treasurer this year. Bill is not new to the board, he has served in the past for a few years. He was born in Iowa and he and his wife Judy retired here in 1999.
Joan McCarthy has been one of the directors for six years. She was born in New York and she and her husband moved to SCN in 2002.
Parnell Anderson has also been a director for six years and was born in Mississippi.
She moved to SCN in 1990 and is married to L.B. Anderson.
Paul Roy is the newest member and he hails from Maine. He and his wife Marion have been SCN residents for over two years.
This group has board meetings as often as needed. They also meet once a month with the management company. And yes, this is a volunteer job. So if you happen to see one of these board members, please tell them how much you appreciate their time and energy.

 Special Occasions
Well let’s see, Palm Sunday was April 1, Good Friday is today, the 6th and Easter will be April 8 (this Sunday). And don’t forget Passover begins at sundown on April 6 (that’s today).

 Anniversary news
Happy Anniversary to Carmen and Jaye Salva on April 17.These are two very delightful people! Good wishes go to them!

 St. Pat’s Dance
Cindy Hutchins reports that they had a wonderful crowd for the March 10 St. Pat’s dance. There were corned beef and ham sandwiches plus cole slaw and homemade desserts and beverages. Music was by George.
The next dance will be the April Showers Dance and held on April 21. Tickets at the door will be $5 each. Music will be by Gail.
 Then on April 29 the social committee will hold an ice cream social at $3 per person. Time will be 2:30 Sunday afternoon. The Songbirds will entertain.
Posters at the SCN clubhouse will give more information.

 Pancake breakfast
Well the last pancake breakfast (for the season) will be April 28. The pancake people will take a summer vacation. So hope you can come and enjoy breakfast at the SCN Clubhouse. French toast, pancakes, sausages, juice and coffee or tea all for $3 each. We want to thank Marge and Norm Simard and all their helpers for all the work they do to provide a nice monthly breakfast. They will hopefully be back in September. All are welcome to these breakfasts.

Have you spotted that hardy soul that has been swimming laps in the SCN outdoor pool? He started March 3 and has been swimming 3-4 times a week since then. He said the water temperature was 72!!! Brrr, that is too cold for me!

 Get well wishes
We all send get well wishes to Bill Hutchins. After a stay in the hospital Bill is back home recuperating. Let’s hope for a speedy recovery.
 Also get well wishes go to Len Dockus and Barb Turner.

 Thank you
Thanks to all the friends and neighbors who were so thoughtful to send anniversary greetings to Jim and me for our 60th anniversary. We even got an e-mail from Emory of the Star Banner. Thanks again to all of you!
 Goodbye note from Jan
I want to thank all the readers that have enjoyed my column for almost four years, but there comes a time when things must come to an end.
 So May 4 will be my last column that I will write for Spruce Creek North. I am in hopes that one of the SCN residents will decide to take over the job. My many thanks go to Cindy Hutchins, president of the social committee. Cindy has given me so much news and it has been very much appreciated. Also thanks go to Betty Testa, Marlene Dorner and Karen Petersen. Without these people helping to find news for the community, there would be no column. So again I thank you for all the support.
  Jan Liberio resides with her hubby Jim in Spruce Creek North. She can be reached via e-mail at JnLiber@ aol.com or drop a note at the clubhouse .