Spruce Creek North

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Bocci League president is active in community

By Jan Liberio

Bocci League president is active in community

I know there are a few (maybe more) out there saying it is too hot and humid, so can I remind you of Jan. 9, 2010? Snow flurries and a dusting of that white stuff, plus temperatures that plummeted to 15 degrees or less. So what I am trying to say is, which would you prefer, frozen water pipes and cold or hot and humid weather?

Feature of the week

The feature of this week is Ed Watson, president of the Bocci league. Ed organized the Bocci group 16 years ago and they had a lot of players at that time. As the years went by so many players passed away, moved away or were just unable to play anymore. But Ed hasn’t given up and is looking to get more people involved. New residents and non-residents are encouraged to come and join the fun. They play every Monday at 11:30 a.m. (time is subject to change).

Ed was born in Detroit, Michigan. The family moved to Washington, D.C., Sante Fe, New Mexico, and Boston, Massachusetts. Ed’s father had a government engineer job that took the family to many states. They finally moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Ed had one brother and two sisters. He graduated from Portsmouth High school in 1944. He served in the army in the Philippines. After his hitch in the army he attended the University of New Hampshire and then went on to Western College of New Hampshire where he earned his MBA (Masters Business Administration). He went to the Boston University of Law and became a lawyer.

 Ed married in 1950 and he and his wife had one daughter and one son. Later his wife passed away. He retired to Spruce Creek North in 1994 and met and married his wife, Patricia in 1996.

He became involved in Bocci and Shuffleboard and became president of both for many years. He belongs to Crime Watch and loves to play Euchre and Pinochle, plus gardening and yard work. Ed hopes to re-establish Shuffleboard in the fall and get more players for Bocci. (I asked Ed what was the proper way to spell Bocci?? Bocci or Bocce? He said he spells it the European way and that is Bocci so I am spelling it the way Ed tells me.)

 For more information call Ed at 352-237-8073. He is a friendly guy and would love to hear from new players. If you don’t know how to play either game, they will teach you, so go give it a try!

Father’s Day

 We hope all the fathers and grandfathers had a wonderful day on their “special” day.

July 4th Independence Day

Independence Day is coming up one week from this Sunday. So have a good time with picnics, boating, backyard parties and the beach. But have a safe holiday and remember to fly our beautiful American flag if you have one.

Horseshoe Pitchers???

The SCN Horseshoe Pitchers haven’t been too active the past few months. They used to play Tuesdays and Thursday at 9 a.m. They definitely need more new players and more organization.

Water exercises at the pool

Water exercising is going strong four days a week at the SCN pool. Time is 9 a.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Come join the fun and even lose a few pounds or tone up what you have. Residents and residents’ guests only are allowed. No charge for these classes.


Condolences go to Sue And John Pelton on the passing of their daughter, Michelle. It was very sad and unexpected. Sympathy goes to the Pelton family.


Things get a little quieter, restaurants are not as crowded, some residents go up North, lawns are being cut every week, grandkids are coming for a visit. Summertime, I love it! Our youngest granddaughter just graduated high school! Gosh are we getting old or what?

Spruce Creek North

Bingo, Skip Bo, Pinochle, bridge, euchre, mah-jongg, billiards, ping pong, poker, Bocci are just a few of the activities our small community has to offer. Still not sure why new residents don’t participate in these activities. There should be something that interests everyone.

Laura Kane Travels

Reminder!There are many day trips and longer ones too. The Laura Kane book is at the SCN clubhouse. New residents might like to take a few of these trips that they haven’t been to. Look it up!

If there are any residents who have news about their clubs and committees and they would like to see them printed in the column for SCN, please contact me by e-mail at Jnliber@aol.com or drop the information in the mail slot at our Clubhouse.

Take it easy in the heat and see you in 2 weeks.