Spruce Creek North 1-6-2012

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Plenty of Christmas decorations

By Jan Liberio

Well, 2012 rang in six days ago and I hope you all had a safe New Year’s Eve. All the big holidays are over for another year. It is sad to see all the Christmas lights and decorations come down. But 2013 will be here before you know it.
As for hubby and I, there was no present under the tree that could compare with the greatest gift of having our youngest son, Jimmie, coming for a visit from Texas. It was so good to see him and we wished he lived much closer. It was quality time that is “priceless.”

SCN Christmas tree
As usual there were many residents who did the holiday decorations. Cindy Hutchins organized the inside decorating of the Clubhouse with many people helping trim the tree plus other decorations. Ray, the manager, did so much work and we thank him for his help and also to Cindy and her volunteers.
Norm Simard had a crew working outside and they did a wonderful job putting all the lights on the outside of the Clubhouse. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped both inside and outside. Snacks were served after the work to all that helped.
Every year we lose a few more helpers either to them moving away, passing away or for health reasons can no longer help. So to the new residents, if you would like to donate a few hours of your time. please let Norm Simard or Cindy Hutchins know as new help would be appreciated.
Thank you to Jean Davis for reminding me of all these Christmas helpers.

Euchre Club

Don’t forget Euchre is played every Monday at 7 p.m., but get there at 6:30. Sue and Ken Warner organize this group so please call them for additional information.

Good-bye to Ruth
I was so saddened to hear of the passing away of Ruth Prescott. I interviewed her last February and featured her in the Citizen Newspaper on Feb. 25, 2011. She was a remarkable lady. She lived alone and prepared her own meals and did her own housework. She used to do beautiful needlework and rode her exercise bike everyday.
She made lap pads for “shut-ins.” Sheriff Ed Dean gave her a plaque for these donations which she proudly displayed on her wall. Did I mention that Ruth lost her sight many years ago? What a talented lady! She was 97 years old.

Report on Christmas dinner party

Cindy Hutchins reports more than 60 people attended the SCN Christmas dinner party. Turkeys and turkey breasts were served plus at each table someone brought different dishes to serve. There was a ton of food and everyone seemed to have good time.
Entertainment was “Music by George,” 50/50 tickets were sold.
Cindy Hutchins, Norm Simard and Joan Lalibery cooked the turkey. Joan McCarthy who does many things but did not cook the turkeys as reported in last month’s column.
No social events are planned for January but there will be a Valentine dance in February. Time and date will be printed next month.

New telephone books
I am not sure how many residents know how much work goes into new SCN phone books every year. New residents, new phone numbers, residents that have moved or passed away. All these changes have to be made. Norm Simard and Bill Jungers organized a group of people to help with this project. Fern Eberly, Cindy Hutchins, Marge Simard, Audrey Martin, Judy Jungers, Joan McCarthy, Parnell Anderson and Jan Liberio all helped with this task. Bill Jungers put a lot of his extra time to make sure the phone book will please the residents. The new 2012 book will be delivered to residents’ homes in a few weeks. Please watch for it in your newspaper slot.

Newsletters for SCN
Newsletters are distributed every month by Bob Nelson, Earl Whiting with Joan Laliberty helping when she can. These newsletters are delivered to the block captains who in turn deliver them to the homes on their block. More volunteers! What would we do without them?

Pancake breakfast news
On Nov. 26, SCN’S pancake people served up breakfast at 8 a.m. Marge and Norm Simard organize this breakfast and work very hard to have this event for our community.
We have a new “pancake person,” and he is Bob Nelson. Bob has had a lot of experience making pancakes ((church functions, etc.) and handled the job superbly. He is replacing Bill Miranda who did the job for many years and now has moved back up north to be with his family. We wish him well.
The next pancake breakfast will be Jan. 28, mark your calendar. French toast, pancakes, sausages, juice, coffee or tea all for $3 per person.
All communities are invited.

Thank you
A special thank you to Annette for the lovely compliment.
Thank you to Charlie Reffitt for delivering the Citizen Newpaper to the residents of Spruce Creek North.
Let’s hope the brand new year brings a better economy with new jobs and happier hearts.
Jan Liberio resides in Spruce Creek North with her hubby Jim. She can be reached via e-mail at Jnliber@aol.com or drop a message in the mailslots at the SCN clubhouse.

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