Spruce Creek North 01-01-2016

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Blessings for the new year

By Margie Beard
Now that Christmas has passed, I, like so many others, look to the New Year. I am full of hope and good intentions, to lose a few pounds or finally overcome that bad habit that has plagued me. I realize that I have not accomplished these goals in the past, so why should I expect miracles this year. I believe that the miracle will come when the goal is right.
Last Sunday my pastor made me think that maybe my goals have been selfish. My weight loss will not serve anyone but me. I want to become a better person on the inside in 2016. This will make me a more giving and forgiving Christian. I want to put others first, share my time and help those with greater problems than a tight waistband.
My New Year’s resolution is a loftier goal. It is to think more of how I can be helpful and bring cheer to those that need it, offer myself to serve others and forgive those that I most want to dislike because of their behavior. I want to be an example of Christian values, and I want others to see these changes in me. I know these goals will not help the sales of the newest diet plan or exercise equipment, but I believe it will bring me more joy and that is my reward.
I challenge you to help me make this a better world. Aim high, work to make you a more giving and forgiving person in 2016. Look for ways to give and not just take. Expect miracles! We can change the world one person at a time.
May God Bless and keep you in the New Year.
Margie Beard is the editor of the Spruce Creek North Community Newsletter.
She can be reached at 352-237-1095 or scra.news@gmail.com