Spring production at dinner theatre almost here

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By Carol Ann Wheeler

Jim Waddell, our dinner theatre chair, happily advises us that all decorative and menu preparations have been completed for our spring production of “Cocktails with Mimi” on April 2 at Palm Grove.

Della Blanchard, our dinner theatre house manager, will accept all calls for dinner theatre reservations.

The $30 per person charge includes dinner, show and three bottles of wine per round table of eight.

Call Della at 237-6474.

The cut-off date for dinner theatre only is March 24.

Tickets for our show on Friday evening, April 3, Saturday evening, April 4, and Sunday afternoon, April 5, can be obtained by calling Linda at 873-9908. See you at the show!

OMI Sock Hop

The “fun” club is having a sock hop, with the ever popular Damian as DJ, on Tuesday, April 7, beginning at 5:30 p.m. at Palm Grove.

There will be a catered cold cut buffet. BYOB. Cost is $11 for members and $15 for guests. Ticket sale will be Thursday, March 26, from 9 to 11 a.m. in the Orchid Club. 2009 dues can be paid by separate checks at that time. For information call 854-7260.

Canine Club

The Canine Club will meet on Thursday, March 26, at 6 p.m. at the Island Club. Please note the earlier time as this meeting is a potluck dinner.

To sign up and find out what dishes are needed, call Marsha at 237-1342. There will also be a 50/50 drawing.

Remember to bring a picture of your dog for the bulletin board, if you have not already done so. New members are always welcome. Membership is $5 per person.

Community Fair

Don’t forget to get your tickets in advance for the community fair hot dogs or BBQ. Ticket prices are $3 for 10 game/food tickets, plus two tickets for a hot dog or BBQ, or $5 for 25 game/food tickets, plus two tickets for a hot dog or BBQ.

Please note that there will be no tickets sold at the door for hot dogs or BBQ. Tickets can be purchased through any director, or at bingo and pancake breakfasts throughout the month of March.

The fair will take place on Sunday, April 26, from 1to 5 p.m., in and around the Orchid Club. There will be lots of games and prizes and once again the infamous “Dunk Tank.”

You will be able to buy additional game/food tickets that will give you access to all the games and may be used to purchase beer, soda, ice cream, popcorn and chips.

If you have any questions, please contact Eileen Dowling at 861-8751.

Italian American Club

The club is having another great “Night at the Races” on Wednesday, April 15, from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Place your bets and win some bucks while having pizza, beer and soda. Tickets go on sale on March 31, from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Orchid Club, $8 for members and $10 for guests. Checks only please! Tables fill up fast so don’t delay.

Carol Ann’s Corner

I have lived in Oak Run a long time, since May 1995.

At that time and for years thereafter S.R. 200 was a two lane highway with quite a series of potholes in the area of the Congregational and Lutheran churches.

I remember asking a county commissioner how in the world the county ever figured that a two lane road would be sufficient for all the people that were expected to move into the numerous retirement communities.

His answer was that a study done at the Commissioners’ request assumed that a retiree would only leave his or her respective community once a week or so.

Would that were true! I find I leave Oak Run almost every day. Maybe I only go the stores that have finally sprung up between here and S.W. 80th Ave., but none-the-less I’m leaving Oak Run.

There seems no way to coordinate doctors’ appointments, Prestige 55 or Master the Possibilities seminars, Ocala Civic Theater performances, etc., into single trips.

It seems I am never home to get things done like cleaning the garage, doing my taxes, filing all those papers computers were supposed to do away with, hanging the pictures I buy at craft shows, etc.

Are other people having the same problems?

And let’s not even think about our date books. Most people seem to agree that we had much less need for them when we were working. We knew where we would be every day — at work!

Now, every day is different and you don’t dare say you are available for anything until you have checked both the calendar you carry with you and the big one in the kitchen.

Everyone who has double booked because the two calendars didn’t match, raise your hand. OK, OK put that forest of paws down.

It may sound as if I’m complaining but of course I’m not. I love retirement and the freedom it gives me to get myself into these situations.

Royal Oaks Women’s

18 Hole Golf

Finally some good weather to play and on March 10 and March 12, the President’s Cup was held. It was an exciting finish with a sudden death play-off between Patty Dougherty, Judy Klein and Sylvia Zappia with Patty Dougherty emerging the overall winner on the third hole.

The winners in flights on March 10 were:

1st Flight: Sylvia Zappia 65, Joanne Ellis 66, Joan O’Brien 66, Maureen Edwards 68, Pat Blackburn 68, Chris Orndorff 68

2nd Flight: Judy Klein 62, Pat Salberg 65

3rd Flight: Leslie Rizzo 67, Kathy Kollar 70, Claire Pruneau 70

Closest to the Pin: J.T. LeMasters

The winners in flights on March 12 were:

1st Flight: Janet Tully 68, Chris Orndorff 68, Sylvia Zappia 69, Dianna Love 70, Arlene Klann 70

2nd Flight: Carolyn Collins 66, Pat Salberg 70

3rd Flight: Patty Dougherty 60, Arlene Zimmerman 64, Donna Topp 67

Closest to the Pin: Roseann Galeazzo

And we can’t let a hole-in-one go unnoticed - Dianna Love aced the

3rd hole on March 3. Congratulations, Dianna.