Spreading love and joy

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By The Staff

The Big Sun Chorus of Ocala sang love songs, presented long-stemmed roses, boxes of chocolates and personalized cards as they performed around the community on Valentine’s Day. Three quartets were busy on the special holiday.

The groups performed at area nursing homes, independent living facilities, and at restaurants. Of course we went to several homes.

Elizabeth Van, a resident at Marion Manor Independent Living Facility, received a surprise “Singing Valentine.” It was a gift from her two daughters, Ceci and Joy.

The Good Vibrations quartet sang “Heart of My Heart” and “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.” Elizabeth commented that she had never received such a wonderful treat.

We believe that all the “lovers” out there who were serenaded would agree with Elizabeth.

New Feature

Harmony Corner and yours truly would like to introduce “Chaps of our Chapter.” Each month we will highlight a member, with (we hope) interesting tidbits, so that by profiling a “chap” who lives in our community, you will get to know who we are and why we love to sing four-part barbershop harmony.

Meet the ‘Chaps’

of our Chapter

Big Sun Chorus of Ocala is very proud of its membership. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce, first of all, one of the elected officers for 2009. Warren Coleman, newly-elected president of our chapter, lives in Oak Run with his wife and high school sweetheart, Sharon.

His life reads like a travel brochure. Born in a small Canadian town 50 miles north of Detroit, Warren worked for Detroit Police Department where he served until retirement in 1986. In order to further advance himself, he earned a college degree.

Warren earned still another license in the U.S. Coast Guard, and he and Sharon sailed away on their 35-ft. Pearson sloop and cruised to Venezuela four years later. They returned to St. Croix to live, but a hurricane put their boat on the beach.

They moved stateside to South Carolina. Warren and Sharon moved to Ocala in 2001, and he joined the chorus shortly after … and the rest is history.

Remember – keep the whole world singing!

Peter J. Musella is a Big Sun Chorus barbershop singer and conductor of the group’s publicity.