Spending limit should go 8-19-2011

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Letter to the editor by Don Pixley

The law that establishes a limit on the amount of money Congress can spend is not workable and should be taken off the books. It only creates hours of rancor and arguments that always fail to accomplish their intended purpose.
Raising the limit does nothing to curb the spending, so we might just as well let the Congress spend anyhow. Nothing has stopped them heretofore, so why make an ineffective feint about raising the limit every time it is reached?
What would help, probably foolish to expect, would be to force the sponsors of spending bills to determine if the cost of the bill and those pending would reach the limit. If one is still in effect, before introducing the measure. If it did, not allow the bill to proceed. But, when they know the limit will only be raised again and again, what do they have to fear?
Don Pixley