Sewing Christmas stockings for kids

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By June Roberta


We can learn a lesson from the presidential election. Most anything is possible. You just have to want it enough to work hard.

To some extent, I feel the message “yes we can” needs to be modified a bit. It takes an exceptional person to reach the heights that Barack Obama has, given the hurdles he needed to overcome. Saying that, it is possible for the average person to push to his or her limits.

What matters are the energy, meaning and belief behind the words. I understand that there’s a children’s book titled Yes We Can. It does make sense to start off as a youngster with this belief. If oldsters haven’t, there’s still time to make that thought their own.

The main thing is to try. Even if we fail, at least we’ve made the attempt. So, try to keep the word “can’t” out of your vocabulary.

Sewing Bees

Being able to sew a straight line is not required for joining the Sewing Bees as they work on 45- by 54-in. quilts and other fun projects, Thursdays from 12:30 to 3 p.m. in the craft room near the H and R building. They are currently filling 50 Christmas stockings for preschool children. Call Marcy at 854-1181 or LeeAnn at 854-7205 for more information.

Chorus Holiday Concert

This is a reminder that you have 26 days before the OTOW Concert Chorus presentation. Get your $5 ticket in the OTOW H and R ballroom Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 8 to 10 a.m.

This delightful Holiday Concert will be in the H and R ballroom Friday, Dec. 12 at 7 p.m. and Saturday, Dec. 13 at 2 p.m. under the direction of Jean Monroe.

Shopping Lessons

Looking toward the holidays, Cammy and her staff gave a class on food buying. Two teams were formed which went to Publix to window shop for a day’s meals. The team with the best nutrition in their menu got a prize.

Reel Series

The second movie shown as part of the Reel Redemption Series, on Nov. 6, was The Verdict with Paul Newman. Dan Dowd gave the large audience in Live Oak Hall some ideas of what to look for in the movie.

Newman played a middle-aged lawyer down on his luck, and drinking heavily. A mentor helps him get a client, he stops drinking, insists on a trial, and is the winner at the end.

The third movie in this series was Nobody’s Fool on Thursday, Nov. 13.

Myths of Aging

Michael Ridenour gave a talk on Myths and Realities of Aging on Nov. 7, in Live Oak Hall. Ridenour is a registered nurse and admission director at TimberRidge Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

We learned that natural aging does not cause loss of mental capacity. This is not normal. Even young people forget things. The biggest factor is depression and not dementia.

Pain is not a natural part of the aging process. It’s a sign of illness. Falls and injuries can be caused by the side effects of medication.

No two people age in the same pattern. Older adults are the most diverse of any age group. Aging is a natural process from the day a person is born.

People in their 80s are the fastest growing segment of the population. Functional, and not chronological age, is the most important determinant of someone’s age.

Older adults are capable of learning new information. They are just slower to learn.

In the future there will be a more expanded series of classes to include many health and wellness subjects.

Candler Excursion Club

Space is available on a 7-night eastern Caribbean cruise on the Oasis of the Seas, departing Fort Lauderdale on Jan. 16, 2010. Prices start at $1,126 per person, including all taxes, port charges and current fuel charges.

This cruise is open to all OTOW residents and their friends. For more information, call Inge Gaitch at 237-7428.

Marion Chamber

Music Society

There was a last-minute change for the concert at Queen of Peace Catholic Church on Nov. 9. The University of Florida saxophone quartet had to cancel due to an ill musician.

A saxophone and cello duo, Jonathan Helton and Steven Thomas, entertained instead. Their music was contemporary and challenging to listen to. One of the musicians said it was challenging to play as well.

Sunday’s Movie

The movie in the H & R ballroom Nov. 9 was The Game Plan staring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson of football fame. Kyra Sedgwick from the hit show, The Closer, also starred.

In spite of being about football, the picture was surprisingly very entertaining. It was a comedy that had the audience laughing a good part of the evening.

If you haven’t already done so, why not buy a $6 yearly ticket when the next movie is shown Sunday, Dec. 14?

Women in Red

On Nov. 11, the Singles Club had its monthly meeting. The room was decorated for Thanksgiving. While listening to the speaker, the attendees feasted on pumpkin pie, apple pie, apple cider, and coffee.

Jennifer, of Jenn’s Bakery, was kind enough to send ample portions of pumpkin- and apple cheese cakes. Absolutely delicious.

There were packets from Women in Red – Promoting Heart Health. There was a form to fill out for anyone who wanted to become a member. To get more information, visit www.MunroeRegional.com/WomeninRed or call the Health Resource Line at 867-8181.

Their goal is to educate women about the early detection, accurate diagnosis and proper treatment of heart disease. The speaker suggested that everyone carry a few aspirin at all times. Chew, not swallow, if you think you might be having a heart attack.

The packet, among other things, contained many hand outs of important information regarding heart health. What are high blood cholesterol and triglycerides, what is high blood pressure, what do my cholesterol levels mean, heart healthy tips and tools, diet and lifestyle recommendations, and quite a few more.

Till next week – let’s live in the moment, letting the future take care of itself.

June Roberta is retired and lives in OTOW. She enjoyed a diverse career, including being a legal secretary to a theatrical attorney on Madison Avenue. Call her at 237-9208, or e-mail OTOW news to her at jroberta@cfl.rr.com. Deadline is a week prior to Friday’s publication.